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Affordable Art Fair
Amsterdam - 19 September 2020

Meet Artist: Corine Van Voorbergen


Profile of Corine Van VoorbergenWe’re delighted to introduce artist Corine van Voorbergen, whose exquisite work will feature in the campaign for the Affordable Art Fair Dutch Edition (28 October – 1 November, de Kromhouthal). We’re mesmerised by the cosmic magnetism of ‘Flitspopper 3’ and can’t wait to see it cast its magic spell across The Netherlands through our advertising campaign.

We caught up with Corine to learn more about her beautiful artwork, read on for more...





Hi Corine, could you tell us about your background and how your career as an artist started?

As a child, I moved around a lot and attended lots of different schools. Everywhere I went, my parents were told that I was very creative, that I had to do something with it, and this led me to study at the IVKO (vocational art school) in Amsterdam, where I developed artistically.

In all honesty, after my training, I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do. For a while I went in a completely different direction, to hotel school, and then on to a furniture workshop which specialised in designing for the hospitality industry.

Time in the workshop lead me full circle. Inspired by the beautiful materials and projects I worked with, my creative spirit was rekindled, and I finally started out on my path as a working artist.


Flitspopper 3Flitspopper 3


What do you hope people think or feel when they see your work?

I hope people feel happy when they see my work! But, really, I think a genuine emotion is important. Sometimes there is a special story behind my work. For example, in my piece ‘Awareness’, I tried to convey the feeling of being very deep in the sea and walking on the moon. In both cases, you look at an infinite void and it is absolutely silent. You only hear your own heartbeat and thoughts. This makes you completely aware of yourself.


How would you describe a typical day in the studio?

My days are really varied. When I am not abroad, travelling to art fairs, I work in my studio in Zaandam where I lock myself up with music to create new works. There are also days when I sit down with my husband Mark, and Blijde my assistant, and we plan for the coming period. Spending time brainstorming with them, as well as working in a studio in the middle of a Making Community, with lots of creative people, provides a lot of inspiration and sparks new collaborations.


 Insert TitleCorine In The Studio


What other areas of art and culture inspire your work?

While I have many different sources of inspiration, the most important is nature. I’m intrigued by the way materials, shapes and colours evolve in nature and how these processes can become immortalised in stone.

I’m also influenced by music and other artists. Just like with art, music also brings out emotions and feelings. I get especially inspired when I listen to Bonobo, Cinematic Orchestra and Rhye. The Italian artist, Federico Clapis, is a big inspiration right now. He makes unbelievably beautiful sculptures in which he depicts what moves today's society. They’re really thought proving.


What has been the most significant moment in your career, so far?

There are so many different moments. It is not only in being part of bigger exhibitions but in the small things.

A big milestone was my work being presented at a major show in New York, but I also really appreciate individual experiences people have shared with me about how they feel when they see my work. There is also a designer, Claire Vos, that I greatly admire and eventually met, who complimented me on my work and was kind enough to share my work online. In these moments, I really get a euphoric feeling.




What is the best advice you've ever received from someone?

The best advice I have ever received is that I should continue to believe in myself and have confidence in my own qualities. Stay close to yourself. This is how you create the most beautiful things. And it helps, as I find I can keep innovating as long as I don't care too much about the negative reactions of other people.


What are you most looking forward to at the Affordable Art Fair Dutch Edition?

I’m really looking forward to the fair in general, given the current circumstances! When the Affordable Art Fair Dutch Edition takes place at the end of October (29 October – 1 November), I think it will feel like the world is recovering.

I see many of the exhibitors at the Affordable Art Fair as a big international family. I’ve shown at their fairs in several countries, and it’s nice to catch up and share experiences with my contacts each time. It’s also great to be able to see new work and to exchange stories. The galleries share a lot of knowledge with each other and we have a mutual respect.

Another thing I love to do, if I’m having a successful fair, to buy an artwork from one of the other exhibitors. I’m always looking to support talented young artists just starting out by buying their work and give back to the art ecosystem.

Huge thanks to Corine for sharing her inspiration and story with us, to see her work in person, join us at Affordable Art Fair Dutch Edition (29 October – 1 November, de Kromhouthal) mark the dates in your diary and purchase a ticket via the link below.





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