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Interviews - 18 October 2018

Meet collector Marc Mullens

Name: Marc Mullens

Location: Amsterdam

Year started collecting: 2008

Number of artworks in collection: 9


Art collector Marc MullensMarc is the owner, chief baker and entrepreneur behind Quichekeurig, our delicious restaurant partner at Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam. As both an art and food lover, when Mark is not creating gorgeous finger food or yummy cakes, he spends his time adorning the walls of both his home and office with artwork, travelling with his partner and enjoying the many wonderful culinary hotspots of Amsterdam.



1. What was the very first item you purchased?

Marc Mullens collection, 1900s posterI bought my first piece in 2008, it’s an original print from around the 1900's. I saw it at the PAN antiques fair in Amsterdam and having just had a rather successful period in my business, I decided to go for it! So, it always reminds me of a happy time. It was nice to do a little business with the gallery holder, after a talking to her about the work and negotiating, she gave me a good price for it!


2. What drew you to it?

Hmmm actually I really don't know ha ha! I thought the colours would fit well in my living room and the piece just gave me a happy and positive feeling. The image probably represents my happy mood at the time.


3. What styles and mediums are you most attracted to?

In museums I like classical old stuff, like the impressionists, but I would have to sell a million cheesecakes to be able to afford one of those! If I want to buy a piece, I stick to galleries, exhibitions and of course the artwork at the Affordable Art Fair. I fell in love with a ceramic artwork years ago, but at the time I didn’t dare to buy the work and regretted it ever since – it never left me. Years later I saw a very similar piece of ceramic art (pictured - main image and below) and didn’t hesitate - I bought it straight away! I also like colourful pieces, and paintings of the ocean during a storm. They remind me of the greatness of nature (actually the ceramic work also makes me think of waves on the ocean).

 Marc Mullens collection, ceramic artwork

4. Would you call yourself a collector?

Or just passionate owner? What is the main motivation behind your collecting? No, I don’t call myself a collector, actually I am never actively searching for a particular artwork, but when I see something special by coincidence, I go for it. My main motivation is to buy pieces that make me feel different emotions when I look at them. Each one has a different story and for me and they actually represent different aspects of who I am. Knowing my collection of art is like knowing my soul.


5. Is there a piece in your collection that you can’t live without?

Haha what a question! Of course I would survive without them, but yes, there are indeed a few that I will cherish until my death!


6. How has your taste changed since you started collecting?

Marc mullens collection, RhinoHmmm I don't think it has. My last piece was a red rhino, I guess these days I am drawn to more sculpture and a bit less to paintings.


7. Why do you like going to art fairs?

I love to look at all the art and challenge myself to look at each piece in a subjective way, then notice what I like and dislike. I don’t look at the names of the artists, but focus on how something makes me feel, is it attractive in my eyes? Also, I like that the artwork is so diverse, I take inspiration from that.


9. What will you do when your walls are full?

Personally, I am not collecting to fill my walls. I am just open to letting the energy of the universe connect me with art, for me this is the best way to really enjoy my collection.


We love Marc's description of letting the universe connect him with artwork, and couldn't agree more that you should collect for love over investment. Join us at the upcoming Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam (1 – 4 November 2018) to browse 1000s of artworks under one roof - you never know, you could connect with the perfect piece too.

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Main Image:
Close up of the ceramic artwork that Marc Mullins snapped up, private collection.

Featured images from first to last:
Marc Mullens pictured with two colourful paintings which are a part of his private collection.
The first piece Marc purchased, private collection.
Ceramic artwork, Marc Mullens private collection.
Red Rhino, Marc Mullens private collection.


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