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Affordable Art Fair
Art advice - 04 March 2019

Making the most of the fair

Fair first timers

If you've never been to an art fair before, no worries! We’ve got it covered. Here’s our all-you-need-to-know guide to exploring an Affordable Art Fair.

Pace yourself

Art fairs may be wonderful places, full to the brim with galleries and great art, but inevitably they encompass a none-too-small area and can involve a lot of walking. So make sure those feet are comfy and pace yourself. Finding that perfect piece of art is not something that should be rushed and discovering our fairs should be exciting experiences, not exhausting ones.

Be prepared

If you come with a mission like, “this wall has been blank for far too long, I will find the perfect piece of art to fill it today,” then it is best to come prepared. Before you set out, think about the space you are looking to fill: how big is it? How is it lit during the day and in the evening? Is there a slanting ceiling to take into account? That way, you will know when you really have found the perfect artwork.

Grab a guide

Upon arriving at an Affordable Art Fair, pick up a one of our free fair guides. Flip through to get to grips with the layout and as you wander around, make notes on galleries and pieces you liked, including info like the name of the gallery, its booth number, the artist’s name, size, and price. Or if available, simply pick up the gallery’s card.

Speak up

If you find something you particularly like, ask questions! The best way to find out more about an artist or a specific work is to chat to the gallerist about them. You will find them friendly, knowledgeable, and more than happy to help. Important things to consider might be how the artist was trained, the background or any past exhibitions.

Also, while affordable is very much our aim, its possible you might find yourself falling for something a bit outside of your budget. If you do tumble head over heels for something, many of our exhibiting galleries are willing to arrange payment in installments, which can help make the purchase a little more manageable.

It isn’t speed-dating

Once you’ve had a good look around, it can be helpful to take a break and mull over your choices. Have a glass of wine, chitchat with friends and return to your favorite pieces with fresh eyes. You really only get one chance to buy an original artwork, so if you really fall in love with something then our best advice is to just go for it!

Trust your instincts

While some buy art as an investment, we think what matters most is your own individual response. Buying art is about the connection and reaction you feel to a piece. Trust your own taste and go for pieces you will take pleasure in viewing day in and day out.

Have fun!

Our golden nugget of advice for first timers? Art is FUN! Enjoy yourself and get involved with all that we have to offer: join in one of our workshops, meet an artist, chat with someone new, participate in a discussion and just have a great time!


So what are you waiting for? Snap up a ticket to one of our upcoming fairs and join in the fun!

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