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Art advice - 02 February 2017

In need of a hygge?

Second to Brexit, hygge was the word on everyone’s lips in 2016. If it passed you by, never fear, now is the time to catch up and kick back with this uniquely Danish concept. Although a challenge to pronounce, hygge is all about the simple pleasures in life and embracing a way of living that promotes wellbeing. Creating those cosy and convivial atmospheres that typify the term is something that we think the artworks on your walls can help you to achieve. Introducing our focus on art and wellbeing at the upcoming Spring Collection, Fair Director Sam Gare discusses how art can not only enrich your home but also your mood.

How can art transform the home and your mood?

In addition to the visual benefits of making a statement, tying a room together and adding vibrancy and personality to your space, for a lot of people art makes a house a home and leads us out of our day-to-day lives. We’re all so caught up in the everyday anxieties of going to work and modern life that surrounding ourselves with artwork we love can really give us something to escape into. Studies have also shown that experiencing and enjoying art helps to decrease our stress levels - with many of us juggling hectic schedules it can be a brilliant tool for creating a calming environment to help us switch off at home.

As well as giving the creative and analytical parts of our brain a workout, when we look at art the parts of our brain associated with pleasure and reward are activated. Looking at artworks doesn’t simply make us feel calmer, it actually brings us joy which some would say is the secret to achieving a happier home!

Peter Wileman FROI RSMA FRSA, ‘Euphoria’, Oil on canvas. 76 x 76cm. Lime Tree Gallery.

What’s the best way to achieve that feel good factor when purchasing the perfect piece?

When choosing something that will have a positive impact on your home, it is important to consider how the piece makes you feel and whether or not it is something you will cherish in years to come. Personal drives behind a purchase can result in a piece that acts as a daily reminder of your dreams and desires. Different styles, materials and mediums can all stir up different emotions, and introducing works with natural elements is a great way to create a relaxing environment. This is easily achieved through choosing an original print or painting depicting a serene landscape, sunset or forest scene. Alternatively, consider choosing sculptures, which incorporate natural materials such as wood. Handmade ceramics are also a brilliant and quirky way to bring natural textures into the home. If you want something a little bolder, abstract prints or paintings in bright shades are perfect for adding energy to your room and mean you can get away with a more minimal look in your accessories.

Joanna Charlotte, Stormy Skies with Dove, Oil and gold leaf on canvas, 100 x 130cm, FOUR-WALLS.

Have you experienced the positive benefits of art on your wellbeing?

Personally, I have found that the types of art that have had the most positive impact on my home and wellbeing are the pieces that reflect my personal hopes and interests. Waking up every morning to a piece of work that conjures up a feeling of contentment calms both myself and my home and inevitably leaves me with a smile on my face. Pieces by Battersea Spring Collection artists such as Joanna Charlotte (FOUR-WALLS gallery, pictured) and Lucy Campbell (Frames Gallery) stand out for me and are the types of artworks I can see on my own walls and giving me that feel good effect I am looking for!

How will the Spring fair celebrate the restorative power of art?   

Art can have a hugely positive impact on our lives and day-to-day routines, and we’re excited to celebrate this topic at the upcoming fair. The Battersea Spring Collection will have a programme of talks and interactive workshops themed around the restorative power of art. You’ll be able to kick back in our Sofa Sessions and experience a moment of calm from the buzzing atmosphere of the fair or take a look at the Platform Project artists whose sculptural interventions will be sure to energise any space. We’re really excited to be working with fantastic partners and artists to help us talk about and illustrate the positive impact art can have on both our body and mind.

So, if it’s a hygge for you or your home that you’re looking for then grab your tickets and join us at the fair »

ROBERT NEWTON, Rain Over The Hill, Lime Tree Gallery MARK MACKINNON, Sanibel shells, The Art Movement ROBERT NEWTON, Rain Over The Hill, Lime Tree Gallery


Sanibel Shells

Rain Over The Hill

Will's Art Warehouse

The Art Movement

Lime Tree Gallery







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Header image: Simon Tozer, 'Love Calls', Screenprint, edition of 30, 30 x 30cm, Will's Art Warehouse.

Homepage image: Andrew Coates, 'Summer Haze, Quiet Water, Nr Tipton St. John(detail), Oil on canvas, Original, 54 x 69 cm, £3,450.00, Marine House at Beer. 

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