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Art advice - 17 December 2018

Hygge your home with art

Although a challenge to pronounce, hygge is all about the simple pleasures in life and embracing a way of living that promotes wellbeing and togetherness. Creating those cosy and convivial atmospheres that typify the term is something that the artwork on your walls can help you to achieve. Read on to find out how art can help you create a stylish and hygge look into your home, to not only enrich your surroundings, but also soothe your soul.

Why hygge with art?

Jemma Tastard, View II, 2017, £245, BROTHartThe art of hygge is not only about creating an aesthetically beautiful Scandi-inspired space, it is about creating the right environment to relax the mind and nourish the soul. Of course, we all know that the right artwork selection, makes a house a home, but studies have also showed that that enjoying art also reduces our stress levels and it can be a brilliant tool for creating a calming environment to help us switch off at home. So, selecting a piece of artwork that creates a relaxing and cosy environment, ties in perfectly with the hygge approach to decor.

When choosing an artwork that will have a positive impact on your home, it is important to consider how the piece makes you feel and whether or not it is something you will cherish in years to come. Different styles, materials and mediums can stir up different emotions, so the key to surrounding yourself with positive-artworks is selecting works that reflect your dreams and desires. Waking up every morning to a piece of work that not only gives you a feeling of contentment, but also inspires your hopes for the future, will of course put a smile on your face and have have a positive impact on your home and wellbeing.

So, how do I hygge with art?

Samuel Hicks, Snow Scene 1, Sweden, 2005, photograph, £474, Crane Kalman Brighton Winter is the perfect time to hygge-your-home, with the focus on family, cosiness and relaxation, playing into the seasons feel good factor. To help you bring the hygge look into your home we have collected some fail safe tips to follow:

1. Bring the outdoors, indoors

Scandinavian art draws on the abundance of natural beauty from the region, bringing nature indoors through the use of natural materials and textures within the home. Recreate this in your artwork selection by featuring serene landscapes, or the forests and mountains that cover so much of the beautiful Nordic countries. Alternatively, consider choosing sculptures, which incorporate natural materials such as wood, or handmade ceramics are also a brilliant and quirky way to bring natural textures into the home.

2. Natural, calming colours

Frea Buckler, Slips 8, 2017, £300, silkscreen print, Smithson GalleryTo maximise cosiness and relaxation, warming and calming colours are popular in hygge decor, so to reflect this in your artwork, consider calming pastels and neutrals like greys, creams and browns. When looking at a potential pieces, consider whether it makes you feel comforted and warm - if the answer is 'yes' then its sure to be a hygge-hit! Decorating with a reduced palette in your home, not only means your artwork, furniture and accessories are sure to complement each other, but the easy on the eye decor is sure to inspire relaxation.

3. Let there be light

The art of hygge was developed as the Danes were surrounded in darkness throughout so much of the year. This led them to embrace the cosiness of fireplaces, candlelight, and in more recent times, fairy lights to decorate the home. You can replicate the feeling of intimate warmth through careful selection of artworks that help to bring that cosy glow into your interior.

4. Create a nook

Anna Harley, Beech Trees, 2017, £350, silkscreen print, Wychwood ArtMake sure that within your room layout, there is that one spot, which just calls out for you to curl up with a hot drink, book and a blanket. This is the perfect place, not only to decorate with art, but to accessorise with as many soft furnishings as possible - from fluffy rugs and comfy cushions, to blankets and throws - make sure that your accessories are luxuriously tactile.

5. Tell stories with your art

The ethos of hygge pulls away from the mass-produced and impersonal. Instead, it leans towards decor that tells a story, rooms which are filled with meaningful items - whether they were a gift from a loved one, that souvenir from your trip of a lifetime, or an artwork that brings a childhood memory to life. So, select your art from the heart, and you will not only stay true to the hygge lifestyle, but you are guaranteed to love it for years to come.


To help you bring hygge into your home, we've not only curated a collection of Scandi-inspired artworks, we've also created an inspirational Pinterest board to bring all the cosiness to life. So grab a hot drink (and preferably a blanket too) and let our hygge artworks warm you up!

Click here to browse the Scandi-inspired collection »
Browse our Scandi-inspired Pinterest board »


Main Image:
Tim Southall, Man and Dog, 2018, etching, limited edition, £145, Wychwood Art.

Featured art from first to last:
Jemma Tastard, View II, 2017, collage, £245, BROTHart.
Samuel Hicks, Snow Scene 1, Sweden, 2005, photograph, £474, Crane Kalman Brighton.
Frea Buckler, Slips 8, 2017, silkscreen print, £300, Smithson Gallery.
Anna Harley, Beech Trees, 2017, silkscreen print, £350, Wychwood Art.


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