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Affordable Art Fair
Fairs - 26 April 2019

Get expressive with art

Creative activities at Affordable Art Fair Hong KongThe close relationship between mental wellbeing and creativity has long been at the heart of the Affordable Art Fair, and for the 7th edition of the Hong Kong fair we will be celebrating the power of self-expression through colour and creativity at our #ArtHappy Friday event (6 – 10pm, 17 May, HKCEC).

To help learn more about the ability of art to change lives, we’ve been chatting with expert partners, Marianne Lagutaine, MA (Couns), MA (AT) and Wendy Kou, MA, both Associate Clinicians at the Jadis Blurton Family Development Center, who told us more about expressive art and art therapy.


What is the difference between expressive arts and art therapy?

Expressive arts and art therapy both combine psychology and the creative process to promote emotional growth and healing. In art therapy, the therapist tends to be specialised in the visual arts, and in many countries, is required to have a Masters’ degree in order to practice. A range of art techniques is applied therapeutically to promote insight and help the client to initiate and maintain change and growth. Art Therapy is all about making the unconscious, conscious. Colour, space, lines and even the strength of colours, can have meanings that go beyond what is “seen”. The expressive arts will also include music, drama and dance for the patient to express themselves.

The difference between Art Psychotherapy, Art Therapy and Art Classes


How can expressive arts help a patient’s wellbeing?

Art and art making have inherent a healing powers and enhance our lives. Self-expression is a way to process feelings, and sometimes words are impossible, challenging or inadequate. In this instance, creating, painting, sculpture, music and dance are ways to communicate. Engaging in art making with a trained professional makes this a safe therapeutic experience.


The Creative Hub at Affordable Art Fair Hong KongWhy do you think art is so successful as a therapy?

Art has many benefits. Art in its many forms - from visual to performing - has been used throughout human history as a creative way to release stress and to communicate.  Art inspires and brings people together, be it through communal art making experiences or enjoying a play and engaging in a discussion afterwards. Art can help self-understanding, self-expression and healing. Art can be a mindful practice instilling a sense of flow and calm in the creator, or the viewer. Art can provide a safe process for people to overcome and work through challenges on many levels.


What will you be doing at Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2019?

We are very proud to be hosting the professionally designed Creative Hub where we will be running an exciting range of interactive activities, such as Blackout poetry workshops, “Shred it or Save it”, mindful colouring, a wishing tree and centering stone.

The shread it or save it activity at Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong


We can’t wait to get involved! Our #ArtHappy Friday will not only be supporting the Family Development Centre, but all of our charitable partners including the Sovereign Art Foundation, who support underprivileged students through outreach programmes.

Join us from 6pm on Friday 17 May (Hall 3D&E, HKCEC) and get #ArtHappy at what is sure to be an evening filled with philanthropy, creativity and fun, where expressing yourself is fully encouraged! Follow the link below to snap up your tickets.



Main Image:
Try your hand at Blackout Poetry in the Creative Hub.

Featured art from first to last:
Creative activities at Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong.
The difference between art psychotherapy, art therapy and art classes. Full credit to Marianne Lagutaine and Wendy Kou, Associate Clinicians at the Jadis Blurton Family Development Center.
The Creative Hub at Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong.
A Banksy-esque Shred It or Save It activity will take place in the Creative Hub.


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