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Inspire me - 04 October 2019

Focus on Seascapes


Ever popular among our artists, the sea has proved a captivating subject for painters, photographers and printmakers for centuries. From the hazy skylines of Turner to the vibrant hues of Monet, Hokusai’s ‘Great Wave’ to Botticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’, the beckoning quality of the ocean has an amazing power to enthrall and excite artists and viewers alike. Perhaps part of its appeal is the amazingly broad range of subject matter a seascape might utilise, be it different types of weather conditions, wildlife, coastlines, landscapes, times of day and even colours in both the sea and sky. Whether it’s a serene horizon, a cheerful scene of holiday-makers on the shoreline or an energising sunrise reflecting across the water, there’s certainly a seascape to suit every mood, taste and budget - and our online shop has a veritable smorgasbord of options for you to choose from. Read on and get inspired over some of our favourite seaside scenes and scapes.


Soothing and serene

Tranquil, serene, relaxing, solitude, a sense of calm; these are all words we traditionally associate with the sea and its representations, making them an ideal option when searching for something to inspire escapism or relaxation in your home. We love Irina Cumberland’s stunning Breaking Surface II (main image), which combines unusual techniques with deep, vivid tones. Irina’s paintings are each designed to maximise the calming effects of shapes, colours and scenery. Each has a rich, powerful and soothing quality and would make a fantastic addition to a room decked out in contemporary furnishings with pale hues and plenty of light.

Recently, we’ve been seeing increasing numbers of stunning photographs of the ocean, beaches and the coastline at our fairs, such as Mark Mackinnon’s Landscape - Montauk Offshore Breeze. Mirroring the lengthy horizon line, the dimensions of this work create something both soothing and unusual; the sea and waves peeking through the gap in the sand dunes creating a sense of anticipation in the viewer, inviting us to step onto the beach and feel the sand between our toes.



Sunsets and sunrises

Whether hanging your artwork in a bedroom, bathroom or living room, an evocative sunset or sunrise is a foolproof choice for any interior. Inducing feelings of wistful nostalgia or uplifting invigoration, the combination of these special times of day with calm or choppy waters undoubtedly creates an intense and emotional effect.

With its striking use of colour, who can resist Taras Koval’s Illusion, 2017, oil, £690, 752 Art. Dividing the canvas up into three clear linear sections, Taras creates a powerful sense of balance and order, whilst the ship on the horizon line adds an intriguing detail to the painting as a whole.

>Taras-Koval-Illusion-752 Art   tom-barron-sunset-breakers-signet-contemporary-art


Tom Barron’s use of softer pastel colours in the wonderful Sunset Breakers captures a real sense of romantic rawness, depicting the light, climate and beauty of his Scottish home. Showstopper, larger works such as these would definitely suit a room with plenty of natural light to let the work really shine - or hang as the focal point of a salon hang to really add an eclectic edge to your kitchen or living room.


Cheerful and charming

Simon-Tozer-Shoeburyness-Will’s-Art-WarehouseSeascapes aren’t all rousing scenes of moody skies or rising waves - they can also be cheerful depictions of everyday coastal life, making them ideal companions in smaller rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms or offices. We’re big fans of Simon Tozer’s charming prints and illustrations - Shoeburyness celebrates the sea in all its gorgeous ultramarine glory, with a smattering of puffy white clouds decorating its pale blue sky.

Likewise, how about Nigel Sharman’s Morning Boats, depicting a soothing scene of bobbing boats in pretty pastel hues? John Button’s Regatta Study also utilises the charming sailboat to make up his composition, intensified by strong brushstrokes that represent the choppy waters and an active scene full of movement.

nigel-sharman-morning-boats-marine-house-at-beer   john-button-regatta-study-ii-white-space-art


Emotional and intense

It’s not all serene views or cheerful vistas - undoubtedly, the emotional intensity of a stormy sea is a vital component of our relationship with the ocean. As a result, plenty of our artists create something more expressive and abstract when depicting the sea in all its turbulent intensity. With its textured brush strokes, thick application of acrylic paint and rich colours, Jon Rowland’s Strata Coast is anything but calm, but its abstract nature means that it still provides a moment of escapism for the viewer. Similarly, Simon Ledson’s Turning Unease encapsulates the intensity of a stormy sea, where light, water and sky mingle in a wonderful homage to the moodiness of a stormy day.

jon-rowland-strata-coast-wychwood-art   simon-ledson-turning-unease-london-contemporary-art

Why not continue your exploration of seascapes by browsing the full range on our online marketplace. Let us know if any capture your imagination or your heart! And don’t forget you can filter by medium, colour and dimensions as you search.




Main Image:
Irina Cumberland, Breaking Surface II, 2019, oil, signed, £450, Signet Contemporary Art

Featured art from first to last:
Irina Cumberland, Breaking Surface II, 2019, oil, signed, £450, Signet Contemporary Art
Mark Mackinnon, Landscape - Montauk offshore breeze, 2016, photograph, £2,750, The Art Movement
Taras Koval,, Illusion, 2017, oil, £690, 752 Art
Tom Barron, Sunset Breakers, 2018, oil, £2,900, Signet Contemporary Art
Simon Tozer, Shoeburyness, 2017, limited edition print, £120, Will’s Art Warehouse
Nigel Sharman, Morning Boats,2 018, oil, £2,425, Marine House at Beer
John Button, Regatta Study II, 2018, acrylic, £250, White Space Art
Jon Rowland, Strata Coast, 2016, acrylic, £720, Wychwood Art
Simon Ledson, Turning Unease, 2018, oil, £2,100, London Contemporary Art

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