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Art advice - 09 April 2020

Fall in love with your home

We’ve all been there. You’re getting on great, sparks are flying and everything seems to be going smoothly, but then suddenly, something feels a little off. When we move into a new place, we often have big dreams and grand designs. But before we know it, prints are left unhung, walls are unpainted… you get the picture. In short, life gets in the way, and all of our bright ideas fall by the wayside.

But fear not! As we're spending so much time at home, it's the perfect moment to revamp and refresh. And what better way to do this than by investing in some new affordable pieces of art! Whatever your budget, we have foolproof tips and interior ideas to enliven your space and help you to fall in love with your home again.



First things first: time for a spring clean! Everyone’s talking about Marie Kondo’s tips on decluttering and tidying right now, and likewise we’re big believers that artwork can help create a sense of order and organisation at home. Bringing a few carefully chosen additions into your space will not just invigorate it with minimal fuss, it may also help tackle other home improvements too. Investing in a key piece such as Cody Choi’s enigmatic Above the Clouds , or Nigel Bird’s stunning Constellations will give a sense of balance and order in no time through their monochrome hues.

Remember - a piece designed to help you chill and declutter does not necessary have to be minimal or monchrome. Sometimes one standalone piece, like Pam Carter’s brilliant Small Eigg Blues can create a feeling of stillness and calm.


Mix and Match

Artworks don’t exist in a vacuum – they can work wonderfully with existing furnishings to really bring your home to life. For an instant update, match or contrast artwork with patterned wall paper, embrace a new wall colour or let your artwork clash with your soft furnishings. Tania Babb’s brilliant sculpture, for example, would look fantastic against a hot pink wall or alongside monochrome furnishings. Or how about hanging Rob Ryan’s screenprint on a bright red wall to really allow those bold scarlet hues to sing? A few red accessories would also bolster this print; a good reminder that sometimes, just investing in a few bright cushions or a bold throw can give a quick creative fix to your space.


Let art create atmosphere!

When moving into a new home, high creative hopes are often replaced by a need for instant efficiency and functionality. Of course, it’s important that your rooms serve a purpose; bedrooms need to be relaxed and ideally have minimal furniture and clutter, whilst kitchens and dining rooms are more social. Despite this functionality, don’t forget that artworks can really help create and boost a particular vibe for each space, and have an amazing capacity to transform the feel of a room the moment they are hung. Something soulful and vivid such as My Heart Belongs to You by Anastasia Gklava would work beautifully in a chilled bedroom space, whilst a showstopper like David Studwell’s I love Marilyn  instantly revs up a tired living space.


Try a new medium

Perhaps you have a penchant for painting, or are enchanted by etchings? We often play it safe with artworks in the home, choosing tried and tested mediums that we know we like. But stepping out of your comfort zone and being a little bolder with your medium choice can really help with an interior revamp. A piece such as Samuel Hicks’s gorgeous photograph, Heart in Fence (main image), is a great choice for those who are new to photography, with its stunning sunset a brilliant addition to any room in need of a little love.

For those willing to take the plunge, how about investing in a sculptural piece such as Love Tree by Charlotte Champion. Unique pieces such as this are a brilliant way to play around with textures and invigorate a living space without a full design overhaul – we love the idea of this piece against a bright wall, such as a blue or green.



Experiment with colour theory

Things don’t always have to be intuitive, and sometimes thinking theoretically can help your interior thrive. For those looking to instill a certain vibe or feeling to a room, colour theory is a great way to do so. There are all sorts of colours we could suggest here, but in spirit with the season, how about some good old romantic pink?

Typically associated with all things love and romance, pink is also renowned for being both soothing and invigorating, and is a colour which can inspire, excite and relax in equal measure. Mixed with cool greys, as we see with Jess Littlewood’s mesmeric Mirage II, and we have something instantly modern, contemporary and chic.

What’s more, pinks are on trend right now, with pastel pinks and greens typically paired together, like in Marcelina Amelia’s effortlessly cool work. Mimic the painting itself and surround with actual green foliage and plants for a stylish and invigorating addition to a dining room or kitchen.

Feel the love!

Finally, sometimes the only way to fall in love is embrace all things soppy and romantic. And your home is no exception. Whether it’s friendship, familial or romantic love, our online shop has a wealth of artworks designed to ignite your soppy side. From Tim Southall’s adorable Bear Hugs Blue, Keith Haynes’ Love Is The Drug, or Mark Vessey’s aptly named Love, our wonderful roster of artists have you covered when it comes to making you melt a little, and fall back in love with your home.


I don’t know about you, but I suddenly feel motivated to freshen up my living room with a little arty-number! If you feel the same way, why not browse our curated category of romantic works, to help you fall in love with your home again.


Main Image: Samuel Hicks, Heart in Fence, 2017, Digital print, £474

Featured art from first to last:

Nigel Bird, Constellations 2016, Pen, £2500

Rob Ryan, All The Words In The World, 2018, Silkscreen, £750

David Studwell, I love Marilyn, 2016, Screenprint, £320

Charlotte Champion, Love Tree, 2016, Bronze, £5,700

Jess Littlewood, Mirage II, 2012, Archival print, £550

Mark Vessey, Love, 2017, C-Type Photographic Crystal print, £1150



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