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Fairs - 28 April 2017

Internationalism and Art: Migration by Dolly Kershaw

We are always on the lookout for opportunities to assist emerging artists, but this time we didn’t have to look far at all…

Welcome to our very own Dolly Kershaw! When she isn't busy being a Fair Assistant, Dolly is a sculpture and installation artist living in London and you will find one of her new pieces obstructing your path as you enter the Hampstead fair this year. You won’t be able to help but walk all over it!

Here’s a short film of Dolly’s installation from Battersea Spring 2017 to give you an idea of what to expect at Hampstead.

At the Hampstead fair, Dolly will use her signature loose, coloured aquarium gravel to create a carpet of coloured territories that will merge together as you journey across it, approaching and leaving the fair. The installation aims to promote the freedom of movement, autonomy and integration of nationalities and seeks to initiate a discussion about art’s impact upon society. Spot on for our theme of internationalism!

Get your tickets now for Hampstead 2017 and you can experience Dolly’s exciting style of installation for yourself. Book here »

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