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Art advice - 25 January 2018

Art for Fresh Starts

Celebrate new beginnings in 2018 with brand new artwork on our online shop 

January: a time for punchy resolutions, turning over new leaves and beginnings. But with the month coming to an end, it’s natural that some of those new year promises may have already fallen by the way side. Perhaps you were planning to revamp your home? Or, you were hoping for a token or symbol to remind yourself of all your positive thinking at the start of the year? We’re big believers in the power of art to change your attitude and habits, and with that in mind, believe that buying a beautiful painting or unusual print is a fantastic way to commemorate a resolution, welcome in the year, or simply give your home and your wellbeing some much-needed TLC.

For a little motivation, take a look at a few of the latest additions to our online shop. Whether you had planned a design overhaul this year, or perhaps just needed to start a fresh, our shop is full of exciting, new artwork from our roster of fantastic artists. As well as exploring their works, we caught up with a couple of them to hear what inspires their creativity, and their plans for the year ahead. Happy reading — and happy new year! 

Discover 5 new artists on our online shop this month

Gustavo Ortiz, Olivia Connelly

Gustavo Ortiz in his studio

The mosaic-like works of Gustavo Ortiz are heavily influenced by his Argentinian heritage: warm, fiery bursts of intense colours in orange, red and gold tones. Speaking with Gustavo, he told us: “My pieces are basically collage that I work as if I was constructing some kind of mosaic with paper. I start from the basic shapes placing different layers of paper, and then is complete with a wax patina, that brings all the details and textures of the paper alive.”

Populated by human figures, animals and objects in small, patterned landscapes, this sense of the work being alive is almost palpable, and really captures their inspirations. Gustavo explains how his works are influenced “by colonial art as well as native indigenous artistic practices. My paintings are distinctly Latin American in their hybrid blending of both a European and a South American heritage. Using collage as my primary medium, I combine the whimsical elements of Naive art with the unexpected juxtapositions of Surrealism, creating an atmosphere of surprise, charm, and simplicity.”

Expect to see Gustavo’s work in the flesh at Battersea this year. And if you’re around Strasbourg in June, he’ll be showing some monochromatic pieces with the Carre D’artistes. 

Henry Walsh, Wychwood Art

Living in Derbyshire, artist Henry Walsh’s current online works are in miniature, or as his gallerist Deborah at Wychwood Art says, “little gems and icons”. Painting on blocks of wood and framed by the artist himself, she explains how these are “intimate works that are inspired by everyday life.” Showing snowy scenes with wrapped-up walkers and their dogs, there’s a real sense of intimacy in Henry’s works. His previous work focused on busy city life, considering the parks and squares which populate urban spaces. Perhaps due to his recent move, his current works are more subdued, thoughtful and still. We look forward to seeing where he goes next! 

Gustavo Ortiz, Haush, Mixed-Media On Canvas, £1,950, Olivia Connelly Henry Walsh, Gather Ii. Acrylic On Canvas, £900, Wychwood Art
Gustavo Ortiz, Haush, Mixed-Media On Canvas, £1,950, Olivia Connelly
Henry Walsh, Gather Ii. Acrylic On Canvas, £900, Wychwood Art

Featured Art:
Gustavo Ortiz, Haush, Mixed-Media On Canvas, £1,950, Olivia Connelly
Henry Walsh, Gather II, Acrylic On Canvas, £900, Wychwood Art

Yoakim Belanger, French Art Studio 

Focused on the human body, Yoakim Bélanger’s work is expressive, vibrant and full of movement. Using a cross section of mediums and a bright range of colours, the artist scraps and pushes the surface of the work to its limit, with a brilliant, passionate effect. Represented by French Art Studio, we couldn’t be happy to show his work on our online shop. 

Dave Earle, ArtDog London

Dave Earle in his studioWe’re big fans of the urban landscapes of artist Dave Earle, and a selection of his monochrome works have recently found a new home on our online shop. Dave relies on experimentation when creating his works; normally using oil paint, his latest pieces have been explorations in ink and lacking their usual colourful palette. He explains: “During the autumn I was away from my studio and saw an opportunity to explore a different medium. I was living in New York for a couple of months to gather information for my large-scale cityscape paintings. I found that I had so much material I wanted to start getting something down. I have worked predominantly in colour and wanted to produce something more stripped back and low key. I found black ink drawings to be a great way to get the essence of what I was looking at down in a simple and elegant way.”

Looking ahead to the year, we can expect exciting things from Dave, as he is keen to continue exploring fresh subject matter in his new home of Sheffield. Crucial to the artist is the experience of space, as he tells us how he is “looking to find the most simple and elegant ways to create an image that sums up my experience of a place I have encountered… I am enjoying the great access to the Peak District and the interaction of the weather and the landscape, maybe this is an area that I may explore more in the coming months.”

Jemma Tastard, Broth Art

Inspired by Scandinavian design, we love Jemma Tastard's digital collages and are sure you will too! Attracted to triangles and geometric shapes, her work is rife with a sense of order and repetition. Jemma explains how she builds her structures and landscapes “using layers of photographs, drawings, and paintings, mixed digitally, in order to explore my emotions, and the layers of time. I'm interested in the contrasts between man-made design and the soft flowing forms and patterns found in nature. I'm currently exploring more tactile methods to create my structures using collage and paint.” With their scandi colour palette and beautiful, intriguing compositions, her limited edition prints are definitely ones to watch!

Yoakim Belanger, Light Warrior VI, Mixed-Media On Aluminium, £4,200, French Art Studio Dave Earle, Brooklyn, Ink On Paper, £1,300, Artdog London Jemma Tastard, Balancing Act, Digital Print On Paper, £200, Brothart
Yoakim Belanger, Light Warrior VI, Mixed-Media On Aluminium, £4,200, French Art Studio
Dave Earle, Brooklyn, Ink On Paper, £1,300, Artdog London
Jemma Tastard, Balancing Act, Digital Print On Paper, £200, Brothart

Feautured Art:
Yoakim Belanger, Light Warrior VI, Mixed-Media On Aluminium, £4,200, French Art Studio
Dave Earle, Brooklyn, Ink On Paper, £1,300, Artdog London
Jemma Tastard, Balancing Act, Digital Print On Paper, £200, Brothart

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Header Image:
Dan Parry-Jones, Beach Walk (detail), Acrylic On Board, £950, Gala Fine Art

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