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Art advice - 18 June 2018

Art for: the kitchen

Whether it’s the site of early morning caffeine hits, lazy weekend lunches, family gatherings or kids activities, the kitchen tends to be the heart of the home. And when it comes to selecting art to hang in the kitchen, at a first glance it can seem like a tricky room to dress — especially as when considering a piece of art, we tend to envision hanging it in a more conventional location such as the living room or bedroom.

But whether it’s using colours in a piece of art to anchor your existing kitchen’s interior design, or create a soothing atmosphere with a beautiful, monochromatic painting, art can really change the look and feel of the space. Plus, an arty and creative kitchen doesn’t literally need to be brimming with art; a few, carefully chosen pieces can really make a difference.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled some of our failsafe tips to ensure your kitchen is a culinary haven, rather than a kitchen nightmare.

Our top tips on how to select art for your kitchen


1. Firstly… where to hang?


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You may think that there are limited options available to hang artwork in your kitchen. But in actual fact, you can be creative with hanging around the kitchen, provide your precious pieces are out of harm’s way from splashes from the hob or sink.

There are plenty of places around the kitchen to prop up framed prints, photographs or paintings whilst still protecting the artwork, including shelves, above the fridge, on the counter top itself or in existing alcoves. If you have high ceilings, placing artwork above kitchen cabinets is a brilliant way to showcase, and some really creative interior decorators even hang work onto the kitchen cabinets themselves! So experiment with your hanging and if you have an unusual idea, don’t be afraid to try it out.

2. What to hang?

It goes without saying there’s a huge array of artwork, from subtle prints, loud abstract paintings, nostalgic photographs, or even sculptures, that can live happily in the kitchen. Below are just a few arty possibilities, in terms of the material, combination and content, to get you thinking and inspired.

3. Decorate with food inspired art

Sarah Bowman, The Black Stove Kettle, 2017, White Space GalleryIt’s no surprise that kitchens often prove a perfect spot to hang food-inspired works, especially with food being such a vital part of everyday life, and the foodie-scene being bigger than ever. Whether your taste is for traditional canvases and oil paintings depicting lemons, apples and oranges, or for a modern twist to the theme, using graphic shapes, patterned forms, or bold colours – there are so many beautiful contemporary artworks to choose between (just check out our online marketplace!).

4. Bold, colourful art for the kitchen

As a lot of kitchens are built with neutral tones, like greys, creams and white, livening things up with colourful works can really inject some life into the space. Don’t be afraid to mix and match artwork with other elements, such as eclectically patterned or painted kitchen stools, bright utensils and crockery. So be brave — you’d be surprised at how many people fail to use bright art and colour in their kitchen spaces.

5. Palette pairings good enough to eat

For kitchen décor that feels just right as soon as you enter it, nothing is better than a carefully paired palette. By choosing artwork that matches elements of your kitchen, be it marbled kitchen counters or the tones of your floor, tiles or cupboards, you will create colour or texture pairings which will anchor your interior. And once you have sought out those perfect pairings, you will be rewarded with an exquisitely elegant kitchen that can’t help but bring a little Zen to your daily life.

6. Art to make you smile

Particularly if you’re renting, kitchens can prove to be a fairly standardised space, and one you don’t feel able to put your own stamp onto. So, use colourful, humorous, entertaining pieces — including whimsical characters or amusing phrases — to lift and inspire your space. Cleverly placed, these pieces will bring a smile to your face and can really inject some pizazz into your interior.

7. Curate your own salon hang


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If you think that a kitchen is no place for a creatively curated salon-hang or a menagerie of sculptures, think again! Sculptures, wall hangings and paintings or prints can be combined with low hanging light bulbs or chalkboard paint, to create a whimsical, unusual and original displays in no time. Children’s artwork, mirrors, plant pots and vases of flowers, pottery; anything you want can be added to shelves displaying artworks, or your salon hang.

8. Calm your kitchen with lighter tones

Watch any cookery programme, and you’ll agree that kitchens can be a site of stress, to help combat this (pun intended) there are certain works that can really help soothe and calm your space. If your kitchen tends to be on the hectic side, then investing in some large pieces, with lighter tones can make a huge difference in terms of softening the energy of the room. Additionally, abstract, non-figurative forms, can inspire your mood and remind you to take a deep breath once in a while!

9. Don’t forget to protect your artwork

One final little tip — when buying a piece of work with the kitchen in mind, consider some of the practicalities. Be careful not to hang work above a hob, radiator, toaster — or any other device which emits heat, if it’s not protected by glass. If you are concerned when considering the placement of an artwork, a quick chat with an expert framer will help reassure you that your artwork will be protected, so you can enjoy it for years to come.


And there you have it - heaps of inspiration to help you turn your kitchen into a Zen haven, elegant abode or energizing and exciting space! So go on, browse the marketplace to choose your creative culinary companion today.



Main Image:
Richard Heeps, Dot's Diner, 2001, Limited edition of 25, framed and signed, £595, Bleach Box.

Featured images from first to last:
We love this kooky, creative kitchen from the hands of @archer.t.j
Sarah Bowman, Black Stove Kettle, 2017, oil, original, framed and signed, £4,500, White Space Gallery.
Perfectly paired elegance from @marieflaniganinteriors
What a gorgeous kitchen salon hang, courtesy of @lisamendedesign


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