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Art advice - 25 January 2018

Choosing art for your office

In this modern day world, when so many people work from home, it’s ironic that home offices - places intended to inspire - are often the most neglected room in the house. Design overhauls tend to be reserved for the bedroom, living room, kitchen - even the bathroom seems to get more love than the office these days. Here at the Affordable Art Fair, we’re firm believers that adding a little art to any space is the perfect way to bring it to life. With that in mind, we’ve pulled together our top tips for using art in the home office space, injecting that much-needed oomph to help motivate, inspire and focus.

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting your office needs to be a riot of abstract patterns, neon colours and unusual sculptures. But art can definitely help provide an environment conducive to productivity, whatever your line of work. With a whole host of fairs on the horizon, plus our online shop, there are lots of opportunities to find a beautiful piece to spruce up your home office. You won’t believe how much better a carefully curated workspace will make you feel about your to-do list.

Choose colour to influence your mood

Interior designers worldwide stress the importance of colour within the home - blue to energise, yellow to cheer, red to excite and white to calm. The office is a great place to experiment with the effects that colour has on your working mood, and pairing wall tones and furniture with artwork that shares the same colour palette is the perfect way to instantly soothe or excite. If you’ve already got a piece of art hanging in your office, a fresh coat of paint on the wall it rests on might be the simplest way to reinvigorate your space. We love the soft, relaxed tones of @Loft230, who opts for light blues, greys and wood combined with smaller prints and unusual wall pieces to create that feeling of tranquility.

Create a minimalist space

It’s hardly rocket science that a messy, disorganised office space isn’t conducive to a productive day’s work. An office makeover, complete with pin board, simple desk lamp, fresh paint and a stylish chair, can help here. Similarly, a neatly curated wall hang can also instill a sense of clarity to your home. If you’re home office constitutes a corner of your living room or bedroom, a few simply framed prints can help signify a separate working area, proving far more inspiring than any empty wall.


Click here to read our handy guide to hanging artwork.

Fill your office with inspirational objects

Get creative within the office and pair your art with maps, unusual shelving, classic lamps, bright furniture or a statement plant. Likewise, different tones in the office - not just from the walls but from photographs, fabrics, plants or painted shelves - can really make the room your own, an extension of your working life or personality.

We love the unusual and practical shelving system from Old Brand New, which creates a salon hang using a menagerie of paintings, prints, figurines and plants.

Alternatively, take note from artists or interior designers, who paper their studios with paintings, inspirational post-cards and quotes to keep them motivated when their attention wanes. A collection of unframed prints are also a great way to energise the space above your desk if you use shelves, as you can easily reshuffle and update depending on your mood.

Select a statement piece of art

A post shared by Mat Sanders (@thematfinish) on Aug 20, 2016 at 3:45pm PDT

Bold, abstract work may not be everyone’s cup of tea within a working environment. But paired with the right furniture within a naturally lit room, a large canvas is a great option, revealing how a space can be completely redefined with just one piece of work. We love this statement painting used in @thematfinish’s work space, which expertly combines bold forms with bright colours, creating a simple, streamlined look. The glass desk and white chair work perfectly with a bright piece like this one – their simplicity only heightening the impact of such a statement artwork.

And finally, remember to personalise…

There are so many books, shops and websites which tell people how their home should be. We believe, above all, the important element is that your space, and your art collection, is an extension of YOU. Adding an artwork you’ve fallen in love with instantly puts your stamp on your work space, cheering you up or calming you down when work gets tough.

So next time you’re looking for a new piece of art, don’t forget the office might be the perfect place for it, adding a touch of energy or calming influence in the space where you need it most.

Click the button below to shop our carefully curated selection, full of inspiring abstracts and soothing natural forms.


Main Image:
Art-lovers selecting artwork at the 2017 New York Fall edition.

Images from first to last:
@Loft230, image of home office space.
oldbrandnew.com, image of home office space.
@thematfinish, image of home office space.

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