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Art advice - 03 June 2019

Art for: the living room

Living Rooms, sitting rooms or the lounge; whatever you want to call them, are an absolutely crucial part of our world at home. Whether living alone, with a partner, family or friends, living rooms tend to be multi-functional – a place to socialise and entertain or relax and unwind. For many, this will be the room we spend the most time in, often being temporarily used as an informal dining space, office or playroom. Living rooms are where we crash out after work, enjoy a cheeky takeaway in front of the TV or laugh with loved ones; and because of this, we think it’s important that they look and feel like a special space, which links to your personality.

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A post shared by L I S A M E N D E (@lisamendedesign) on Apr 27, 2019 at 5:13am PDT

When thinking about what art to hang in your space, often the biggest conundrum is where to start, rather like a blank piece of paper, a big blank wall can also feel a little daunting. Do we want the space to be soothing and serene? Bold and bright? Is this a room with lots of art on show, or one focal piece? To answer these questions, we’ve scoured Instagram for inspirational suggestions and tips from the experts, as well as packing this blogpost with unusual, exciting and captivating artworks to help make that decision even easier. A small change like a new piece of art can really make a big difference, so get inspired and let us know how you get on!





As one of the most ‘public'-facing’ rooms in your home, living rooms are an ideal space to hang works which make a statement. For those who love bright colours, but don’t want to commit to a whole room decorated in one bold shade, adding a statement piece to the wall is a great middle ground, as @lisamendedesign demonstrates beautifully. The piece in question, incidentally, reminds us of Daniel Ablitt’s beautiful serene and ethereal landscapes, like the one below titled In the Clearing.

We can’t get enough of Katharine Husslein’s simultaneously colourful and expressive Summer Romance, a bold, abstract symphony of colours sure to delight the senses. A work like this will need plenty of light; be sure to hang it close to a window, to make the brushstrokes really pop. To maximise the impact, why not hang opposite a mirror so the work can be seen from multiple vantage points?

Daniel Ablitt, In the clearing, Will's Art WarehouseKatharina Husslein, Summer Romance, 2019, £950, acrylic, Folly and Muse



As one of the largest rooms in the house, the living room tends to provide more wall space to play with than busy kitchens or crowded hallways. So don’t be afraid to try something new. Tend to opt for abstract watercolours? Surprise yourself with something offbeat, like Chanoir’s fabulous Comochas. Never been brave enough to try an abstract? Jo Lucas’s gorgeous painting, with its deep blues and vivid yellows is a great place to start. Hanging works that take you out of your comfort zone, helps to open your mind, plus trying a new style or medium is a brilliant way to revamp your space, without breaking the bank.

Chanoir, Chomochas, 2019, £3990, spray-paint, Galerie Art JingleJo Lucas, Day Two, 2013, £3995, GreenStage Gallery



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A post shared by ✨Tina✨ (@archer.t.j) on May 24, 2019 at 6:39am PDT

Get inspired by @archer.t.j’s absolutely amazing salon hang, and create a fun, vibrant wall with some of your favourite pieces. Living rooms are great spaces to experiment with hanging techniques you’ve never tried before, so why not invest in a number of new works to create your very own salon hang; we love choosing a few complementary limited edition prints, such as Anne Storno’s adorable Everyone wants to be a cat which contrast perfectly with Ceal Warnant’s Hoods.

A great way to start with a salon hang is to choose one piece and work outwards. Alexandra Gallagher’s beautiful Love celebrates all things surreal, its fresh and unusual collage medium telling a story all of its own. Being creative in your hanging and surrounding a work like this with other, smaller pieces, as well as mirrors, fabrics and home photographs, can really bring the piece, and the room, to life.

Need some help pulling that gallery wall together? Check out our how to guide here!


Anne Storno, Everyone wants to be a catCeal Warnants, Hoods, 2012, £175, silkscreen print, The Contemporary LondonAlexandra Gallagher, Blue Birds, 2017, £250, collage, Degree Art




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A post shared by Danielle van der Reijden (@ellefotografie) on May 22, 2019 at 10:15pm PDT

Let’s face it, living rooms can be quite hectic spaces, where family, friends, work, kids and pets collide. So opting for a couple of minimal and serene pieces might be just the ticket to create a little chill out zone, even just in one corner of the room. We love the stunning aesthetic in @ellefotografie‘s post, with the simply wooden frames and pale pieces of art creating a gorgeous sense of serenity and space.

With this in mind, how about investing in a work like Fiona Smith’s Offering Bowl? With its crisp white and sultry blue tones, a still life like this is a beautiful addition to a busy space. Softer tones such as light blues and greys can really help create a sense of spaciousness, to help soothe a room. Add pale wooden furniture for a sleek yet airy finish, and really let your artwork sing.

Why not take the minimal style to another level, pare back your space and invest in a gorgeous sculpture? Klaus W. Rieck’s Moon Stone brings the etherial night sky to mind. Or if you want to feel more grounded, check out Tim Hall's bracing Gipsloch (main image) - both would look gorgeous in a minimal, bright space with large windows.


Fiona Smith, Offering Bowl 1, 2018, £600, acrylic, Wychwood Artklaus-w-rieck-mondstein-moon-stone 


And there you have it! Plenty of gorgeous pieces and inspiration to help your living room look ship shape in no time!

Whether you’ve been inspired by a statement artwork, a new technique, hanging style or the calm of Elle’s minimalist interior – why not peruse our collection works by our bestselling artists – just follow the link below. Alternatively, mark your diary with the date of one of our upcoming fairs and browse 1000s of artworks under one roof.





Main Image:
Tim Hall, Gipsloch, 2006, £1,920, photograph, Crane Kalman Brighton.

Featured art from first to last:
Statement interior accessories, all credit to @lisamendedesign.
Daniel Ablitt, In the clearing, 2018, £2650, oil, Will's Art Warehouse.
Katharina Husslein, Summer Romance, 2019, £950, acrylic, Folly and Muse.
Chanoir, Chomochas, 2019, £3990, spray-paint, Galerie Art Jingle.
Jo Lucas, Day Two, 2013, £3995, GreenStage Gallery.
A gorgeous gallery hang, courtesy of @archer.t.j.
Anne Storno, Everyone wants to be a cat, 2016, £170, silkscreen print, ContemporArti.
Ceal Warnants, Hoods, 2012, £175, silkscreen print, The Contemporary London.
Alexandra Gallagher, Love, 2017, £350, collage, Degree Art.
A calming minimalist interior, with thanks to @ellefotografie.
Fiona Smith, Offering Bowl 1, 2018, £600, acrylic, Wychwood Art.
Klaus W. Rieck, Moon Stone, 2017, £3,400, weartberlin.


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