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Art advice - 06 April 2020

Art for the hallway

Hallways can often be neglected areas of the house, with our art collection and interior design ideas tending to focus on other, more 'lived-in', spaces such as the kitchen, living room or dining room. But as our first port of call, and the earliest impression guests will have of your home, it’s important to make this a warm, inviting and atmospheric part of the interior. Blending ideas of function, style and mood; choosing pieces of art that suggest a certain atmosphere - whether that be calming, fun or eclectic - is a great way to transform your hallway. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to have a long, gallery-like hallway, it makes for an extremely easy spot to hang some of your favourite pieces.

Spring is a great time of year to revamp and renew spaces in your house which are typically overlooked - so with that in mind, we’ve pulled together our selection of artwork from the online shop to help reinvigroate your hallway in no time. Read on for our tricks and tips!


How to decorate your hallway with art


Wow with a showstopper

Sometimes committing to a really bold piece of work in our bedroom or kitchen can feel a bit daunting. But hallways are transitionary spaces rather than places where we spent a lot of time, so they’re a great spot to have some fun with more experimental artworks, even those which err on the outrageous! A piece such as Hock Tee Tan’s ‘After Modigliani’ would look fabulous hung centre stage at the end of the a long hallway, with its neon glow packing a real punch on arrival.

Likewise, the hallway is a great area to hang work that makes a strong statement. Benjamin Thomas Taylor’s playful and uplifting style does exactly that - we love his graphic print ‘Happiness’. Hang above a low wooden bench to complement its earthy hues - a perfect pick-me-up for your hall.


Hock Tee Tan, After Modigliani Neon, 2018, £6,000, glass, edition of 10, The Hux GalleryBenjamin Thomas Taylor, Happiness, 2017, £345, limited edition print, Liberty Gallery


Opt for energising colours

Vibrant colours are a sure fire way to create a positive and welcoming atmosphere in your entrance hallway. With its gorgeous pinks and eye-catching nod to the abstract, a vibrant photograph such as Daniel Holfeld’s ‘Pink Steps’ is sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who walks through your front door.

Or how about Richard Heeps’ brilliantly blue ‘Algiers Pool’? Intense and vivid colours such as these will really pop in your hallway, particularly when paired with white walls and more minimalist interiors.


Daniel Holfeld, Pink Steps, 2019, £1050, photograph, limited edition of 12, NoonPowell Fine ArtRichard Heeps, Algiers Pool, 2001, £75, photograph, limited edition of 50, Bleach Box


Series or salons?

With hallways typically taking the form of a long passageway, it creates an ideal space to hang artwork that comes in a series. Eliza Southwood’s set of four prints, with its block graphic colours taking us along a winding river, would draw guests into your home. Likewise, Laura Fishman's abstract 'West Wind Current' (main image).


Eliza Southwood, Manaus Amazon River, 2019, £750, limited edition print, edition of 5, Wychwood Art


Or, why not utilise the whole space and create an exciting salon hang? Whether moving along a wall or rising up a staircase, arranging a cluster of artworks - and adding in your own personal mementos, pottery, shelves or photographs - are wonderful ways to immediately inject your personality and enliven your hallway. You might opt for works which contrast and juxtapose each other, or use a collection of unusual, enigmatic artworks that tell a story of their own. We love Rebecca Denton’s intriguing 'Star Surfers' with its deep blues and gorgeous sky scape; or how about Hannah Ludnow’s 'Deconstruction 4' to add a little graphic aesthetic into your home?


Rebecca Denton, Starsurfers, 2017, £140, etching, edition of 40, Southbank PrintmakersHannah Ludnow, Deconstruction 4, 2019, £120, acrylic, limited edition of 50, Columbia Road Gallery


Works that soothe

Finally, it’s fair to say that all too often hallways can turn into a bit of a dumping ground. Dirty wellies and coats, shoes, dog leads and school bags - this is the space where all the clutter of everyday life gets dropped when we get home or are having a sort out.

Having a few soothing and minimalistic pieces of art can really help to create a more calming atmosphere within this sometimes claustrophobic space - and it might even inspire you to tidy up along the way! With its tantalising sky line creeping into view and the solitary cloud floating in the sky, Jessie Chaney’s limited edition print Spirit in the Sky effortlessly adds a touch of calm into a busy space. Likewise, we can’t get enough of Gina Parr’s quietly captivating Earthwork II.


 Jessie Chaney, Spirit in the Sky 4, 2017, £450, limited edition print, edition of 15, Fabrik ProjectsGina Parr, Earthwork II, 2016, £1695, oil, original, David Lolly Gallery


So, whether you’re tempted by hanging a piece that errs on the experimental, need to inject a little calm or opt for something bold and energising, don’t underestimate the importance of putting a little more focus into your hallway! Why not browse our curated selection of works to kick-start your collection.




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