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Art advice - 17 August 2018

Art for the bedroom

In an ideal world, bedrooms would be perfect havens of comfort, tranquil rooms designed for sleep, peace and quiet. In reality, bedrooms tend to be multifunctional, and sometimes, if we’re honest, a little chaotic! But no matter what our bedrooms are like, it is undeniable that we spend a staggering amount of time in them.

A bedroom is a space where work and home life frequently meet, particularly in shared apartments where bedrooms can be part office, part wardrobe, part gym — and for many, part nursery or kennel! Art can help with this conundrum; different styles, moods and colours can make a huge difference, effecting the energy instantly. Whether it’s a sense of organisation, calm or vibrancy you are after; prints, paintings, photographs and even three-dimensional or sculptural artwork are a vital way to realise your dream décor.

To bring your boudoir to life, in this blog we’ll consider some key creative styles, and with the help of some inspiringly decorated Instagram bedrooms and top picks from our online shop, demonstrate how to turn your bedroom into a blissful minimalist suite, popping Pop Art paradise or nature inspired haven.


Minimalist décor


A post shared by Marie "KonMari" Kondo (@mariekondo) on

Large canvases of one or two colours can be extremely welcome in busy rooms. Whilst you may presume that smaller pieces work better in smaller or cluttered space, hanging a large, two-dimensional piece will actually infuse a sense of calm and togetherness. How about Amir Bakhtiar Sanjabi’s stunning canvas, which oozes calm and tranquility through its lack of colour and minimal marks and brushstrokes.

A top tip: using similar frames, in both colour scheme and mounting style, is a great way to inject some order into your bedroom. Take a look at this in action in @mariekondo’s beautiful space. As Marie says, bedrooms are places to ‘relax, rest, and recharge’. We couldn’t agree more Marie!

Amir Bakhtiar Sanjabi. Unititled, 2016, Capital Art London


Pop Art pads

Not everyone needs their bedroom to be an escape, and plenty of people embrace bright colours, stimulating patterns, and lots of bric-a-brac in their spaces to remind them of loved ones, memories and travels. Taking some inspiration from the bright, bounciness of pop art is a great way to inject some fun and energy into your sleeping space.

Julia from @greenhouseinteriors has some brilliant ideas here, from teaming bright, graphic patterns and colours with your brightest cushions, bed spreads and even flowers to embracing bold works which reference the pop art style through their beautiful, collage-like materiality.

Our online shop has some great examples of pop-art inspired works to whet your appetite, from light-hearted pieces such as David Studwell’s Elton John : Home Run (click here to check out diamond dust detailing when you zoom into the image!), through to Richard Heeps evocative Motel Desert Shores. Both utilise one of the key aspects of pop art — the use of popular iconography and vibrant swathes of colour; to create their whimsical pieces — the perfect pairing for a bedroom in need of some lightening up.


David Studwell, 'Elton John : Home Run' - Dodger Stadium 1975 (signed by David Studwell) 2018, ContemporartiRichard Heeps, Motel Desert Shores, 2003, Bleach Box.jpg

Nature inspired interiors

For many of us who live in global metropolises, busy city life means that the bedroom functions as an escape: so what better way to relax than adding some nature-inspired paintings, prints or photographs to help with the sense of liberation?

Green landscapes or blue seascapes on the walls can easily be complemented by your interior; for a masterclass in merging artwork with your upholstery or bed linen, @lumiereartandco seamlessly incorporates this beautiful seascape with the rest of the space, creating a tranquil haven instantaneously. Why not cool down with Sarah Duncans Undertow, below.

Sarah Duncan, Undertow, 2016, Smithson Gallery


Glorious geometry


A post shared by west elm (@westelm) on

To bring out the colours within your artwork and instantly update your interior, at the Affordable Art Fair, we are a big fan of the two-tone wall. With that in mind, we’re loving @westelm’s interior, where the tones on the wall mirror what’s going on in this abstract, geometric print. Adding a little symmetry and making your walls and artwork match is a quick and easy way to rejuvenate your bedroom — what’s not to love?

Recreate the look yourself with a graphic work of your own; our online shop is bursting with beautiful geometric prints, such as Chad Goei’s Land Candy.

Chad Goei, Land Candy 2017, Kahn Gallery


Photoraphic furnishings

Christine Flynn, Monterosso, 2018, Kahn GalleryAnd finally, the classic photograph is a wonderful addition to any bedroom, literally capturing a sense of warmth, nostalgia and memory, whether that’s through a portrait or panoramic scene. With that in mind, we’re loving the work of Christine Flynn, who captures summer holidays and fuses nature and urban scenes in her hazy, summery prints. A beautiful addition to any space.


So don’t underestimate how making a few small aesthetic changes in your bedroom might make a big change — and let us know how you get on!

To browse and buy more art for the bedroom, peruse our curated collection »


Main Image:
Christine Flynn, Monterosso, 2018, photograph, limited edition, signed, high gloss resin finish, £4,500, Kahn Gallery.

Featured art from first to last:
Instagram image courtesy of @mariekondo.
Amir Bakhtiar Sanjabi, Unititled, 2016, acrylic, £750, Capital Art London.
Instagram image courtesy of Julia from @greenhouseinteriors.
David Studwell, Elton John : Home Run, 2018, silkscreen print with diamond dust, limited edition, unframed, signed £1,600, Contemporarti.
Richard Heeps, Motel Desert Shores, 2003, C-Type, limited edition, signed, £150, Bleach Box.
Instagram image courtesy of @lumiereartandco.
Sarah Duncan, Undertow, 2016, etching, limited edition, signed, £395, Smithson Gallery.
Instagram image courtesy of @westelm.
Chad Goei, Land Candy, 2017, acrylic, original, signed, £950, Kahn Gallery.
Christine Flynn, Monterosso, 2018, photograph, limited edition, signed, high gloss resin finish, £4,500, Kahn Gallery.


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