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Art advice - 18 May 2018

Art for Newlyweds

Unless you’ve been living on another planet these last weeks, you’ll be aware that Britain is in full wedding fever. And it’s not just about the royals; more so than ever before, weddings have become all-consuming, gargantuan affairs. From stags, hens and stens, choosing an outfit suitable for all weather, getting to the church on time and the big day itself, it’s no surprise that as a wedding guest, sometimes the gift gets completely forgotten about until the very last minute. And that’s where we come in.

Laura Jordan, Platform Nine and Three Quarters, £1,000, Wychwood Art.

If you’re a wedding guest with zero ideas on what to buy your loved-ones, how about thinking outside the box and investing in a print or painting for them this year? It’s a great way to show someone how much you care — and means they’ll have a piece of art hanging in their home that reminds them of their special day, and of you!

So with wedding season now upon us, and a pretty big one just around the corner, we’ve pulled together a few perfect gift ideas from our online shop for your soon-to-be-wed pals. There’s plenty to choose from, whatever the budget, style and taste.


Something personal?

Johanne Nielsen, Forest Calling #3, £4,500, Degree Art.

Art is an inherently thoughtful gift; so choosing a present that has real meaning to your friends is a great way to make the gesture even more special. A touch of nostalgia or sentiment goes a long way — so perhaps choose a print which reminds them of where they met, first fell in love, or have chosen to live now.

Laura Jordan’s Platform Nine and Three Quarters (above) is the perfect piece for Londoner’s without being too mushy; split with a few friends and relax in the knowledge you’ve chosen a brilliant work your friends will love.

Something monumental?

If the person getting married is one of your closest relatives or friends, then something sculptural is a brilliant way to make a really generous and meaningful gesture. Johannes Nielsen’s bronze Forest Calling #3 embodies a steadfastness that links perfectly to the commitment of marriage, and there’s no doubt that your recipient will be completely moved by such a stunning piece.


Something dreamy? 

Choosing something on the romantic and dreamy side is a lovely way to transport the happy couple back to their (hopefully!) blissful day. We love Kathy Ramsay Carr’s Lily And Field Of Dreams (pictured below right), which takes its inspiration from the energy of the natural world. Carr’s hazy abstract landscapes are odes to colour, exploring the relationship between different hues and tones, and has a sense of poignancy which makes it perfect for newlyweds.

Or something playful?

Aside from Valentine’s day, weddings are possibly of the only occasions when you can fully embrace love - in all its mushy, over-the-top and cringey glory. So giving a gift which fully encapsulates the romance of the day in an explicit way is surely a no-brainer?! Try Keith Hayne’s Love Is The Drug (below), a brilliant, bright and punchy ode to love using original 7” vinyl love songs. Keith’s nostalgic, playful explorations of popular culture are the perfect way to keep things topical, whilst also having some fun.

Keith Haynes, Love Is The Drug, £3,250, Liberty Gallery. Kathy Ramsay Carr, Lily and Field of Dreams, £2,000, Amanda Aldous Fine Art.
Gustavo Ortiz, Haush, Mixed-Media On Canvas, £1,950, Olivia Connelly
Henry Walsh, Gather Ii. Acrylic On Canvas, £900, Wychwood Art

Bride - or groom-to-be?

Consider moving away from the traditional wedding list and going for an Affordable Art Fair list instead, where your guests can contribute to a fund towards buying a piece of art. It’s completely up to you when you claim the fund as the vouchers don’t expire, and can spend your wedding vouchers with a gallery at any of our fairs around the world - honeymoon in Milan anyone? It’s a great chance to invest in that first piece of art together, and mark your commitment with something a little unusual.

Choose the perfect piece to commemorate your loved-ones' special day from thousands of original, contemporary works on our online marketplace »

Header Image:
Fair Photography by Guy Bell. 

Featured Artworks:
Laura Jordan, Platform Nine and Three Quarters, £1,000, Wychwood Art. 
Johanne Nielsen, Forest Calling #3, £4,500, Degree Art. 
Kathy Ramsay Carr, Lily and Field of Dreams, £2,000, Amanda Aldous Fine Art. 
Keith Haynes, Love Is The Drug, £3,250, Liberty Gallery. 

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