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Art advice - 06 February 2020

Art for my valentine

Art can be a truly thoughtful and meaningful gift, and one that lasts a lifetime. So, whether it's for your husband, your mum, or your best friend, why not use Valentine's as an excuse to show some love to the people closest to you.

We sat down with some of our art-lovers and asked them which artwork they would choose for someone special this Valentine's Day.


Ivan Ng, Art Collector, selected Nicely's Cafe by Richard Heeps for his partner


Ivan NgWe would buy this as a gift for ourselves - or for each other! Artwork in our home is something that we enjoy together, and we are happy that our tastes usually align. Reminiscent of Edward Hopper’s ‘Nighthawks’, this Richard Heeps photograph shows a little slice of everyday life, seen through a nostalgic lens. We can imagine numerous human dramas playing out within this humble diner setting. Two parallel stories are captured within the photograph: First, the moment between some customers leaving and others arriving. Second, the life of the staff going on around it - setting the table in preparation for another story and conversation to happen. At the same time, daily lives go on outside of the diner. We would both appreciate this photograph very much. When we travel together, we always enjoy finding these little undiscovered places and imagining the unique people and dramatic stories that surround us.



Matt Smith, Artist, selected Homespun Philosophy by Maria Rivans for his husband


Matt SmithI would choose Homespun Philosophy by Maria Rivans for my husband. We are lucky enough to live with two originals by Maria and we absolutely adore them. They manage to be both aesthetically pleasing and mildly subversive....a little bit like him.



Noel Lam, Art Lover, selected Out In The Breeze by Janet Nelson for his best friend


Noel LamI would buy this Janet Nelson artwork for Kelvin. He is my best friend in life. Kelvin would love this art piece. He also likes acrylic painting during his free time. I am responding to his painting for me 10 years ago, as I went abroad to study and work. Kelvin is going through major life and career changes this year! I hope he can sail through the rough sea like that in the breeze.


Marcelina Amelia, Artist, selected Everybody Loves The Sunshine by Bonnie and Clyde for her partner


Marcelina AmeliaI’d choose Bonnie and Clyde’s ‘Everybody Loves The Sunshine’ for my partner as the artwork oozes with a dreamy and uplifting aesthetic. The world pictured there feels free and welcoming, it inspires me to travel more and enjoy every little moment. In a world that is so focused on possessions, it is a lovely reminder that what really matters are those fun brief moments in life like a favourite song playing on the radio, a swim in the sunshine, the feeling of a warm sand under your feet, or the company of your beloved animal. 'Everybody Loves The Sunshine' just sums up everything he loves - ocean, mountains, warm climates, summer, succulents and a beautiful swimming pool for him to jump right in to! I love it!



Elaine Wong, Artist, selected Exotique by Natalie Maquet for her mother


Elaine WongI would like to buy this painting, for my mother. She loves flowers, but because of her cat, she cannot keep real flowers at home. The way Nathalie Maquet composes the work is refreshing, the colours and the range of different flowers give plenty of room for imaginations. With this painting, it is like I send her different flowers everyday.



Vanessa Seis, New York Fair Director, selected Iceburg II by Inga Lisa Middleton for her nephew


Vanessa Seis, Affordable Art Fair New York, Fair DirectorI would give Inga Lisa Middleton’s Iceburg II (small size) to my dear nephew for Valentine’s Day. He’s turning 4 this year and I very much hope that icebergs won’t be a relic of the past once he’s old enough to understand. It’s incredible how nature molded this chunk of glacier, and I think his imagination will allow him to see different shapes in it every time he looks at the piece. There’s also something about cyan blue that is comforting, much like looking out onto the open ocean. My sister (his mother) is a scientist, and I think she would appreciate the process and history of the cyanotype, too. We were also obsessed with all things Icelandic when we were kids, and our parents took us on an amazing trip to Iceland once. I would hope that she'll tell him stories about Iceland and us as kids every time they look at Iceburg II together.

How could you not be inspired by all of this heartfelt arty gift-giving? If this blog has melted your heart, why not browse through our curated category of art - for all the lovers out there….



Main Image: Pam Carter, Waterloo Dusk, 2018, Oil, £5,400

Featured art from first to last: 

Richard Heeps Nicely's Cafe, 2003, Print, £595.

Maria Rivans, Homespun Philosophy, 2015, Collage, £3400

Janet Nelson, Out In The Breeze, 2016, Acrylic, £875

Bonnie and Clyde, Everybody Loves The Sunshine, 2018, Mixed-Media, £800.

Nathalie Maquet, Exotique, 2016, Oil, £1300.

Inga Lisa Middleton, Iceburg II, 2018, Cyanotope, £180.


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