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Art advice - 22 September 2020

Art for your Hong Kong apartment

Our recent campaign, championed by Michelle Ogundehin, aims to readdress the meaning behind the term ‘luxury’, which we’ve long accepted as associated with exorbitant price tags and flashy cars. Michelle’s refreshed definition focusses on our need to curate our interior décor, becoming our own personal sanctuary and improving our wellbeing.

Fion Lee, Co-Founder, The Editors CompanyInspired by Michelle’s ethos, and with their own belief that life starts at home (we couldn’t agree more!), we reached out to Hong Kong based interior experts, The Editors Company. Founded by former BoConcept exec Aaron Chin and Interior Designer Fion Lee, with an aim to democratize home design and change the world – we couldn’t think of anyone better to advice you on bringing art into your Hong Kong home.

In this blog, Fion takes us through their top tips on how to use art within your home; achieving the sense of calm, joy or sense of wellbeing you are searching for.




The Editors Company interiorWithout contest, one of the most impactful and common changes to our lives this year has been how much more time we are spending at home due to the virus. Looking ahead beyond the pandemic, there is good reason to believe that that trend is here to stay. We will increasingly rely on our homes as a place where we work, entertain, and do life with our families.

As our homes have become a much bigger part of our daily lives, how do we make the most of our homes to improve our quality of life? Besides redecorating the furniture and decor, one area that will make a big difference is incorporating art into your home.

While choosing the right art feels new and intimidating for many, it is actually rather easy (and fun) once you are armed with a few practical tips. The rest is up to your personal style and what feels right just for you.



Big and Small

To start, find the focal point in the room. One way to do this is to simple walk into the room, and notice where your eyes would naturally land - this is good indication that this is a great spot to put a piece of statement artwork, where you can base the rest of the room’s design on (or complement the existing design). For example, you can use this statement piece to unify the other accent colors. It doesn’t have to dominate the design of the room but would be good to simple draw visual interest.

It is also a good idea to mix up small and large pieces of art. You can display small arts on bookshelves or on top of pieces of furniture. And smaller art pieces can also be displayed together to form a gallery wall. One advantage of using a few pieces of small artworks is that it has the potential to make the wall seem much bigger visually.


The Editors CompanyThe Editors Company 


On Colors

To narrow down your choices, one useful and important guiding factor is choosing the right color tone of your artwork. Generally, the color you choose will help set the mood in each room. For example, grey and neutral colors are great for setting a calming tone for the room. Such colors might be good for the bedroom. Brighter colors such as yellow art will emit energy and make the room pop with energy. Finally, colors like red and orange might be a color for the dining room to enhance appetites and conversation!

One note of caution is choosing white as a color tone for art, especially if you have white walls. You don’t want art that blends into the wall and is ignored!


Moods & Seasons

A great thing about art is that it is easy to change. There are many inspirations you could work off of. Perhaps you could use art to mimic a country that you’ve been to and loved, certain scenes of nature, or you can even just have an artist for each season. So once you’ve found art that feels right, just go for it and don’t overthink it. You can always change it down the road (and change back), depending on the mood you want to set, or even the season you are in life.


 The Editors Company


A Few Practical Tips

Besides a few good guiding principles, here are a few more practical tips on choosing art.

Hanging Art
How high should you hang your statement art piece on your wall? A good rule of thumb is that they should be 8-16 inches off the top of your sofa, sideboard, or table. If possible, you’d want to be eyelevel with the center point of your artwork. A similar rule applies for a gallery wall of small arts - try to have some space between the top of your furniture and be eye level with the heart of the gallery wall art.

Leaning your art against a wall can give your space a relaxed look and could also make for a great focal point of the room. Shelves, console tables, and sideboards are great ideas for places to lean your art. The floor could also be a good place too!

Careful with Sunlight
A note of caution to not put your artwork on spaces where intense sunlight lands throughout the day. This is especially true for watercolors or photo prints.


 The Editors Company


Huge thanks to Fion for her fantastic tips, which just leave us itching to purchase some new pieces for our walls. To start browsing art online, simply follow the link below to jump straight into our online marketplace. Or of you’d like to reach out to The Editors Company for more information on their services – follow the link below.




Image credits:
All image credits to The Editors Company.

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