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Affordable Art Fair
Fairs - 26 October 2017

Free-range installation art at Amsterdam fair

Prepare to be inspired by free-range installation art at Amsterdam fair!

Installation art from individual artists often fills the open spaces at our fairs, bringing extra variety and encouraging you to explore bold new artistic flavours.

Here’s your rundown of the exciting Platform Projects that will be bringing lively humour, cool ambience and curious conversation to Amsterdam.


Daphne Brasser

Daphne Brasser

Daphne graduated as interior architect at the art academy of The Hague.

She makes artwork from panels of felt, using unique methods that she has developed herself. Daphne's signature style is in repeated, rhythmic patterns and the 3D construction that gives depth to her work.

Often her inspiration comes from nature. She has a series of pieces based on volcanic lakes in Yellowstone National Park. "Water Ripples", shown here, is inspired by the glow of the sunlight and ripple of the water of the lake.

Felt is a material with many great features, both beautiful and practical! In addition to being textural and colourful, it is also strong, fire resistant and improves a rooms acoustics by absorbing harsh noise and reducing echoes.

Daphne makes felt work on request. With her training and experience in interior design, she can advise on the colours, shapes and materials of artwork and where it best fits in a space.

For people who want to learn her techniques themselves, Daphne also regularly gives workshops!


Daniele Scauso

Daniele ScausoDaniel is an Italian artist living and working between Amsterdam and Rome.

He is interested in social inclusion and urban development. His sculptures and metal work use familiar shapes from natural and urban settings.

At the Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam, Daniel will present a large outdoor installation of five connected sculptures overlooking the city and assembled especially for the fair.

Daniel’s sculptures are inspired by exploring the ideas of identity and individuality in urban society. Just like his intertwining sculptures, we’ll be connecting and sharing urban arty inspiration at the Amsterdam fair!

Alongside his work as an artist, Daniele curates exhibitions and organises artist-led initiatives for the promotion of Arts and Craftsmanship. He is also part of the Metaal Atelier Meister; a collective of metal artists and craftsmen active in Oud-West, Amsterdam.



Kunst met een R

Kunst met een RKunst me een R (Art with and ‘R’) is a double-act from the creative minds of Ruben Verheggen and Eva Posting. Together, they make little 3D worlds that are so spectacularly fun, they’ll make you want to climb inside!

Their incredibly detailed works show crazy characters and outrageous scenes, all playing out against surprisingly normal functional backgrounds. This contrast between the mundane and the bizarre is sure to draw you in for a closer look!

Whilst there is a lot of humour and irony, you’ll also find a deeper social message. The style is cheerful and free - mocking and enlarging reality - but every exaggeration and every scene tells a real-world story and shares the artists’ compelling contemporary insights.

Kunst met een R acquired national fame in Netherlands through the Voetbal International program and the interview series Derksen &. by Johan Derksen. They made artworks for René van der Gijp, Johan Derksen, Hans Kraay Jr., Pierre van Hooijdonk and Jaap Stam.



Nathalie Delombaerde

Nathalie DelombaerdeNathalie is a self-taught artist, living and working in the Belgian Westhoek.

Her way of working comes from her irresistible desire to search the world for special items and materials. The pieces that she finds then become her art.

Nathalie’s ‘We Are HUMAN’ collection will be on display at the Amsterdam fair. These figures carry striking animal features – items collected from the bodies animals that died long ago from natural causes. This collection might remind you of an ancient culture, paying respect to animals of the past by giving them an ongoing place in the world of the living.

Like this, much of Nathalie’s art is about showing respect to the past and giving tribute to the heroes and victims of days gone by. Her other work has included restoring vintage fairgrounds and custom-made images.

Her motto is: Art must be engaging, challenging, innovative and meaningful. In the present, but also in the past.




Welhuis&Smit.WELHUIS & SMIT is a collaboration between ceramic artist Karin Welhuis and painter John Cees Smit.

Both artists have built successful solo careers over the last 25 years, whilst also combining their efforts in a number of joint projects incorporating Karin’s tactile ceramics and John’s delicate and beautiful painting.

You can see their hottest new work at Amsterdam fair – a selection of exciting experiments with bronze objects.




Everyone sees the world differently, especially installation art – so come on down to Amsterdam fair, get creative and take home some unique arty inspiration!

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