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Trends - 17 January 2020

5 interior looks for 2020

If you're embracing the new decade by revamping your home, look no further than the hottest interior design trends, predictions and colours to help you make those all important decisions. And who better to advise you than an award winning interior décor expert?

This month, we’ve collaborated with resident Forbes-featured Interior Designer, Josephine Cicero to bring you her top 5 interior styles to look out for in 2020, perfectly illustrated by a series of shots from her stunning portfolio of London-based projects. Josephine has carefully paired a selection of original artworks from the Affordable Art Fair online marketplace with her top tips for 'on trend' interiors, providing you with all the inspiration you’ll need to future-proof your home for the decade ahead. 




1 | Classic Contemporary

Classic contemporary is a marriage between traditional interior structures, such as panelling, high ceilings and alcoves, with clean lines and contemporary art. The bright and airy ambiance created by this style of interiors lends itself well to an off-white wall colour, perfectly punctuated by black and white framed photography – if you're looking for more of a contemporary feel. Should you wish your space to be calm and composed, this is the trend for you.

Classic Contemporary, Image courtesy of Josephine Cicero Interior Design

Consider Cody Choi’s, Above the Clouds #5 with its frozen dynamism, appearing almost abstract from afar. Or, if you prefer a bolder, more daring style, don’t miss Tim Flach’s, Cleopatra Eyes; a mesmerising artwork that would provide a beautiful focal point in any room.

CODY CHOI, Above The Clouds #5, 2016TIM FLACH, Cleopatra Eyes


2 | Regal Regency

Regal regency is a popular contemporary take on renaissance luxury, perfectly suited to a sumptuous bedroom setting. The shapely overstated trefoil headboard and decadent turquoise velveteen chaise longue, are balanced by the understated walls and neutral soft furnishings. This more subtle pairing of art with interior trend adds to the ambience of the room without competing with the sense of opulence created by the feature furniture.

Regal Regency, Image courtesy of Josephine Cicero Interior Design

To complete the look you could select Helen Howells’ Beckoning Of Distant Waters – a vibrant oil painting that offers a sense of serenity whilst fitting well within the contemporary renaissance theme. Or perhaps something like Clare Halifax’s Champagne City Aqua Blue Thames print or Senja Brendon’s, Beautiful In Blue abstract seascape painting to embody the more contemporary elements of this room.

HELEN HOWELLS, Beckoning Of Distant WatersCLARE HALIFAX, Champagne City Aqua Blue ThamesSENJA BRENDON, Beautiful In Blue


3 | Minimal Monochrome

Monochrome minimalism is a flexible interiors trend, well suited to any number of living spaces from bedrooms to living rooms; bathrooms to kitchens. A monochrome styled room will allow you the freedom to experiment with patterns, shapes and form through your art. Top tip: Depending on how much light and space you have, you can adjust the proportion of light and dark elements to suit your room.

Minimal monochrome, Image courtesy of Josephine Cicero Interior Design

The detail of Dorothy Hanna’s Orior collagraph would be perfect for this trend, a piece that walks a perfect line between abstract and tribalism. Alternatively, Tim Flach’s Horse Mountain powerfully captures the polarity of monochrome through the contrast and texture of the white horse against a black background.

DOROTHY HANNA, Orior, 2019TIM FLACH, Horse Mountain


4 | Renaissance Revival

Renaissance revival features deep tones fit for a nobleman, as well as distinct symmetry with clear cut, majestic shapes. It can be compared to the Italian Renaissance design period of the late 14th century and this styling allows for the nostalgia of traditional design with a modern twist.

Renaissance Revival, Image courtesy of Josephine Cicero Interior Design

Figurative art and still life best suit this interior design style, so Michael Lukasiewicz’s sensual Reaching painting would be perfect. Michael uses careful brush strokes and acrylic paint to create a weathered, sculptural renaissance feel. Alternatively, the elegant stone sculpture Ceres by Rose Eva, or Terry Whybrow's Painting 263 would fit well as they evoke the period through palettes of earthy tones and highbrow subjects.

MICHAEL LUKASIEWICZ, Reaching, 2016ROSE EVA, Ceres, 2019TERRY WHYBROW, Painting 263, 2018


5 | Mid-Century Modernity

Mid-century modern interiors are, and will remain, a firm favourite among interior designers and clientele alike. This type of styling strikes the perfect balance between bright jewel tones and neutrality, often featuring a delicious concoction of materials and textiles. This, in addition to the use of both solid and elegant furnishings, means that mid-century modern interiors can be paired particularly well with distinctive abstract paintings and prints, especially in similar pastel and jewel tones.

Mid-Century Modernity, Image courtesy of Josephine Cicero Interior Design

Jo Hummel’s abstract artwork Kissing Horses would work perfectly for a more calming aesthetic, or, for something more bold, why not try Zandra Stratford’s Gorgeous Filth #84 which would contrast beautifully with the dark woods used in the typical furniture of this trend.

JO HUMMEL, Kissing HorsesZANDRA STRATFORD, Gorgeous Filth


We hope you’ve enjoyed Josephine’s interior trend tips and the perfectly paired artworks to accompany them. To help you browse further works in the same ilk, explore our curated edit of 2020 interior-led artwork choices – just follow the link below.



Main Image:
Image courtesy of Josephine Cicero Interior Design.

Featured art from first to last:
Image courtesy of Josephine Cicero Interior Design.
Cody Choi, Above the Clouds #5, 2016, photograph, limited edition of 40, £500, Degree Art.
Tim Flach, Cleopatra Eyes, 2010, photograph, limited edition of 10, £2,700, Crane Kalman Brighton.
Helen Howells, Beckoning Of Distant Waters, 2019, oil, original, £1,200, Wychwood Art.
Clare Halifax, Champagne City Aqua Blue Thames, 2019, silkscreen print, limited edition of 10, £600, Wychwood Art.
Senja Brendon, Beautiful In Blue, 2019, oil, original, £595, Alpha Art Gallery.
Dorothy Hanna, Orior, 2019, collograph, limited edition of 5, £590, David Lolly Gallery.
Tim Flach, Horse Mountain, 2008, photograph, limited edition, £1,500, Crane Kalman Brighton.
Michael Lukasiewicz, Reaching, 2016, acrylic, original, £1,350, London Contemporary Art.
Rose Eva, Ceres, 2019, stone, original, £5,800, Carina Haslam Art.
Terry Whybrow, Painting 263, 2018, acrylic, original, £900, Eleven and a Half.
Jo Hummel, Kissing Horses, 2019, watercolour, original, £500, After Nyne.
Zandra Stratford, Gorgeous Filth #84, 2018, acrylic, original, £4,600, After Nyne.


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