Stockholm | Sweden

My name is Eitil, I grew up in Stockholm in a family of artists. From an early age I was encouraged to experiment and follow my own path. After I finished school I worked in the fashion industry for many years and it was a great experience but after a while I wanted to create another outlet for my creativity. I longed for something without rules or limitations. I wanted to have the freedom to choose when, where and how to work. And I wanted to paint. So I rented a studio and invested in a large format printer, I named my project Peytil because that was my nickname as child.

I have always found beauty in spontaneous expressions and the simplicity of black lines. I hope you enjoy following my journey. Please feel free to reach out if you have any specific requests. I deeply appreciate all your support, and seeing my work displayed on your walls brings me immense joy.

Exhibiting at

Affordable Art Fair Stockholm

2 - 6 October
Stand No: E3
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