VisuleX Gallery for Photography


As a comparatively young artistic medium, photography has only been recognized as an art form art since the middle of the 20th century. Now, in the flood of images through new digital techniques and devices, the medium of photography is belittled by some. But art photography cannot be compared to mobile phone snapshots. A good artistic photo requires a unique visual fingerprint, an artistic message, and complete mastery of the photographic technique. As a certified curator and passionate photo gallery owner, I present artistic photography in the Visulex Gallery, from classic reportage, portrait, landscape and architectural photography to conceptual, experimental and abstract photography. The focus is on exhibitions by well-known photographers and talented newcomers, whose works form an informative dialogue on socially relevant topics. “There is just something very deceptive about the supposed ease of photography. It always seems so easy to take a reasonably competent photograph, today more than ever. Yet photography is a rather difficult medium.” - Wolfgang Tillmans, photographer


Latest Artworks