Van Rensburg Galleries is a commercial gallery showcasing works by award winning Australian and Internationally collected artists. After representing these artists in New York and Hong Kong for the last 7 years in our permanent gallery space in Hong Kong and curating satellite shows in Singapore, Miami, Los Angeles and Paris. We have set up another gallery space in Milton, Australia. We run an evolving series of exhibitions typically featuring work with a modern, figurative sensibility that is emotionally rich and poignant, but often also conveying wit and humour, and prices typically range from USD500 - USD25,0000. Van Rensburg Galleries has built a reputation for curating engaging and accessible exhibitions presented with the highest level of professionalism, supporting experienced and novice art collectors with personal service, and first hand knowledge of all the artists featured and helps to connect art, artists and collectors in an authentic way, regardless of whether they are experienced, or simply enthusiastic. Van Rensburg Galleries visits the USA, Europe and Asia annually attending Art Fairs, staging international exhibitions, and developing strong personal relationships with the artists, to be able to give as true a representation as possible.  Founder Beulah van Rensburg talks on exhibiting the artist work: “I just love the process that I get to witness, when someone falls in love with a piece of art. Because I know the artists personally, you sort of detect a silent dialogue as you watch people approach a work, and then get drawn in deeper and deeper. I really do think we should all live with more art. So many of us get told at school that we aren’t creative, but I don’t believe that, at all. Art feeds the soul, and we all need more of that in life, especially right now. Art helps you connect with others more and makes your feel better! As Dorothy Parker says ”CREATIVITY IS A WILD MIND & A DISCIPLINED EYE”


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