The Brown Easel

United Kingdom

The Brown Easel curates and promotes Indian contemporary art. Established in 2015, it was conceived to nurture both upcoming art practitioners as well as fledgling collectors. We act as a conduit between young artists and art aficionados and bridging the distance between them to make art accessible, approachable, and easy to acquire. All through this year we will be participating at London's many art fairs alongside hosting exciting pop-up exhibitions to mark the countdown to the opening of our own art space in London. Brown Easel is passionate about introducing South Asian artists into the thriving artistic ecosystem of London and on the other on acquainting art connoisseurs here to new, unexplored voices challenging the accepted wisdom and understanding. Our exclusive focus on contemporary South Asian art makes us one of the only art establishments of its kind in London. This distinction allows it to directly address a demography that makes up a good percentage of the viewing public in the UK. It also provides us the vantage to introduce contemporary art from South Asia directly into the local art discourse. We are dedicated specifically to broadening the scope of what is understood to be 'contemporary art' by extending its source beyond the Euro-American shores. The intent is to enlarge the term ''contemporary'' beyond its temporal signification to acknowledge geography, and thus the many intricate nuances of geo-politics which influence the art market. London’s many internationally celebrated art fairs, galleries, art events, auctions etc and sophisticated audience provide the perfect platform for this. Brown Easel wants to encourage and initiate new channels of conversation and thus new means of looking at and understanding the world around us. In the present univocal atmosphere, it intends to introduce the dream of multivocal pursuits. A passionate pursuit lies at the heart of the Brown Easel. Founder Director Anisha Dani began her professional life as a fashion designer in India. Her foray into the arts, specifically emerging practices in India, led to the sensitive creation of a collection, which is still burgeoning. The discoveries made during this journey are reflected into the making of Brown Easel. The agency is also a result of Dani's intent to continue her explorations of South Asian contemporary art. Through it she hopes to carry forth her voyages, start fresh dialogues and forge new relationships.

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