Spence Gallery


Spence Gallery has built a reputation for its curation of artwork from a roster of artists known for innovation, challenge, and diversity. In 2005, founder Joan Spence got inspired to establish an art gallery where inclusion was encouraged rather than exclusivity. Joan envisioned a gallery space that embraced different contemporary artistic voices and removed entry barriers to acquiring fine art. From the outset, Spence Gallery offered original artworks by mostly Canadian and a few international artists at accessible price points. The gallery also became a platform where first-time visitors, art enthusiasts, and seasoned collectors alike could engage with fine art without feeling intimidated. Joan has championed and journeyed with most artists since the early days of the gallery. With participation in over 50 art fairs in the past 10 years, the gallery has provided the artists exposure to an international audience. As a frequent exhibitor, Spence Gallery has gained honourable mentions and accolades by organizers of the international Affordable Art Fair.


Latest Artworks