RvB Arts is a dynamic, Rome-based gallery which specialises in the scouting and promotion of young, emerging Italian artists. Increasingly popular with clients and collectors and with a strong narrative bent, RvB Arts was recently named one of the top ten contemporary art galleries to visit in Rome. Gallery owner Michele von Büren finds her thrill in the hunt and the discovery of new artists on the rise with something fresh and original to offer. Her ability to catch-and-release talent is critical to the success of her gallery and she has a demonstrated record for selecting artists with good investment potential. A key gallery mission is to make contemporary art accessible and enjoyable. To this end, RvB Arts cultivates a warm approach and atmosphere, welcoming novice buyers with a limited budget, as well as more seasoned collectors with a keen eye for promising newcomers.

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New York Spring
New York - Spring: 20 - 23 May 2021
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