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Ronen Art Gallery’s mission consists on showcasing a select group of young and emerging artists. Offering them a “travel wheel“ to expose their Artworks. Tightening the relationships between local artists and international venues.We choose to work with Artists who use their artistic talents for the Joy of creating Art as well as making a living. Artist who put “ Their Heart in the Art “ ! Ronen Art Gallery’s concept is to meet our customers within the international Art Fairs. Touching collectors and art public in so many different countries. From New York, Miami, Stockholm, London, Hong Kong, Dubai, Brussels, Milan, Hamburg and our home base: Amsterdam. The gallery was founded by Atmo Ronen in 1982. His commitment and passion for art has kept him well known in the art world, committing for high standard and opening windows for new emerging modern art.

Upcoming Fairs

Amsterdam: 27 - 31 October 2021
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Hamburg: 11 - 14 November 2021
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