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Lilac Gallery was established in 1972 as "LILAC Fine Art" by the Hungarian-born American artist Albert S. Nemethy. Noted for being one of the Hudson Valley's most legendary art figures, Albert S. Nemethy immigrated to the United States with his family in 1950 and eventually settled in rural Newburgh, New York, on the Hudson River where he established himself as a well-known artist over the next ten years. Soon the gallery fell dormant, and it was not until some 40 years later that Lilac Gallery opened in Manhattan in 2012 with a mission to bridge Fine and Contemporary Art. Today, Lilac Gallery aims to discover brand new art styles and art forms. Our main focus is on established and emerging artists that explore new media in their concept with cutting-edge techniques, breaking the barrier of conventionality with expressive pieces. Passionate about handling a roster of contemporary artists, as well as showcasing American and European Fine Art, we aim to achieve excellence in every regard, maintaining a multitude of hand-selected, unique, desirable, thought-provoking and original artworks in our collection. Client satisfaction is undoubtedly one of the key pillars upon which the gallery was built, as we strive to meet each individual's customized needs by taking the time to cultivate personal client relationships and gain a solid understanding of where each of their particular interests lies.


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