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Hubert Kalkman founded KALKMAN Gallery in 2014. The space in Maastricht - called KALKMAN Vinyl Records & Art - has a split function of record store and art gallery. KALKMAN Gallery is the name for the art-only business: during fairs, exhibitions outside of Maastricht and Artsy. KALKMAN Gallery concentrates on contemporary pop art and street art. The art collection is built up from buying artworks Hubert likes and then diving into who the artist is and looking into collaboration or representation possibilities. KALKMAN Gallery exhibits a mix of local and international artists. Local artists include Hoodkitsch (Maastricht), Fredrik Erichsen (considering Cologne is quite close), Frank E Hollywood (Amsterdam) and Bortusk Leer (Amsterdam). Among others, international representations include Marta Galmozzi (Bergamo, ITA), Hayden Kays (Margate, UK), Kev Munday (Basingstoke, UK), Plastic Jesus (Los Angeles, USA), Emmanuel Laflamme (Montreal, CA), James Howden (Edinburgh, Scotland), Joseph Steininger (Seattle, USA) and BEEJOIR (London, UK & Bangkok, TH). As a very accessible city, Maastricht frequently welcomes daytime or weekend visitors from Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg and France. With internationally acclaimed events, like TEFAF, the artworks also get noticed by a very international-art loving crowd. Lying very centrally in Maastricht, the gallery offers Hubert the possibility to exhibit artworks to seasoned and starting collectors every day of the year. By appointment or during business hours Wednesday until Sunday. By appointment or during business hours Wednesday until Sunday.

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Online Affordable Art Fair, Spring
The Affordable Online Art Fair: 09 - 03 May 2021
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New York Spring
New York - Spring: 20 - 23 May 2021
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