Independent Artists


Independent Artists was founded in September 2013 as the operational arm of Dario Mellone Museum. An important group of the online survey is based on humanistic themes in connection with the technological modernity. Many artists have treated man who acts in interaction with space, facilities and the questions surrounding it. Independent Artists intends to collect and present a selection of artists animated by the same spirit of independence and research that has characterized life in the work of the master Dario Mellone. They are presented as works that deal with man in dialogue with the city, technology, environment and automation up to the informal works that reflect the biomorphism and mutation in a polymorphic artistic representation system that has always in the background anthropological research. Since December 2016 the group was formed in Cultural Promotion Association and operates autonomously. From December 2017 Independent Artists, following agreement with the Municipality of Busto Garolfo, establishes its venue at the exhibition spaces of the seventeenth-century Villa Brentano. Together Culture Office and Administration of Busto Garolfo proposes cultural events and exhibitions of national and international profile.


Latest Artworks