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The pieces you find here, can be seen as the fruits that were picked along a genuinely walked artistic path.

Clemens Büntig Editionen is aiming to offer a fine selection of genuine art. Art that is made by artists with a passionate and courageous love for life. So the art that this small but fine selection of artists offers you, is an authentic expression of individuals who walk their very own path. The pieces you find here, can be seen as the fruits that were picked along the way. We are happy to make you happy and inspire you with what inspired us. Clemens Büntig, the director of the artist collective Clemens Büntig Editionen, has worked since 1996 as a printer for contemporary artists like Richard Serra, Ed Ruscha or Jim Dine at Pace Prints under Aldo Crommelynck at the Spring Street workshop in Soho. His passion for printmaking led him to open up his own printshop 2008 south of Munich with collaborations with artists like Sean Scully, Mark Harrington and others. He published movies on the Art of Printmaking - to be seen on YouTube, writes about printmaking and collaborated with Major Museums, like the staatliche grafische Sammlung München or the Brücke Museum in Berlin. He is known for his expertise to print of fragile woodblocks and was asked to reprint works by Emil Nolde and Karl Schmitt- Rotluff from the original blocks. From 2016 to 2019 he was a partner of Dreipunkt Edition with international exhibitions.

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