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art.ebb.flo established in 2019 is artist led and curated. art.ebb.flo is particularly interested in showcasing artists who are interested in mixing things up. The impact of digital technology has transformed human expression. New tools can enhance the artist's creative process towards innovative and unexplored paths.  Our art.ebb.flo artists  are keen to explore these new avenues. These innovative artists look at the boundaries between the figurative and abstract as well as mixing up traditional methods of creating artwork with digital means. New ideas about art are brought into play through the use of the digital tools of the computer and camera. The artists who exhibit with art.ebb.flo are carefully selected for the integrity in their practice, distinctiveness, high quality and professionalism shown in their work. Many have continued their art studies beyond post graduate level and continue to develop and explore. Check out the artist's personal websites to learn more about them and their work.


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