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From left to right:
1. Misun Chun, 'Untitled', 2017, Mixed media on panel, 30 x 30cm, SGD700, Able Fine Art NY Gallery, Stand 2A-11.
2. Zheng Shan Lu, 'Watrlily DreamA', 2017, Printing, 45 x 45cm, SGD300, APPRAISAL AND COLLECTION GALLERY, Stand 3C-12.
3. Sandrine Capdouze, 'Let Your Inner Power Speak', 2019, Oil, 50 x 50cm, SGD850, EVART GALLERY, Stand 3D-13.
4. Joonghyun Park, 'Rose SessionsII-075 (fleurs dans la vie)', 2019, Oil on canvas, 24.2 x 33.4cm, SGD480, Gallery iLHO, Stand 2B-06.
5. Maria Murayama, 'Stuffed Animals - Rabbit Head', Ceramic, 15 x 15 x 10cm, SGD350, Giant Year Gallery, Stand 3C-02.
6. Borislav Sretkov Cyprus, 'Beauty', 2017, Art on linen, 40 x 40cm, SGD900, Kypriaki Gonia, Stand 2B-04.
7. Mio Asahi, 'LazyMorning2', Etching on paper, 25.5 x 28cm, SGD230, Gallery Art Plaza, Stand 2B-15.
8. Chang Nam, 'Desire 3', 2019, Archival Print on matte canvas, 90 x 60cm, SGD531.03, Gallery M, Stand 3C-09.
9. Hwang Dayeon, 'Blossom22', 2019, Gonache acrylic on canvas, 24 x 24cm, SGD500, MayJune Gallery, Stand 2B-02.
10. K Charmoille, 'Through the Porthole (1)', 2018, Oil on canvas, 40 x 40cm, SGD600, Roza Design, Stand 2B-11.
11. Toshihiza Fudezuka, 'Lightning', 2014, 34 x 46.5cm, SGD800, The Tolman Collection, Tokyo, Stand 2A-12.
12. Kat Casapao, 'Satisfying Simpoh No. 3', 2019, Acrylic on canvas, 46 x 46cm, SGD600, UTTERLY ART, Stand 2A-15.



From left to right:
1. Anna Ng, 'Transformation VII', 2017, Dye sublimation print on aluminium, 59.5 x 42cm, SGD980, Blue Lotus Fine Art, Stand 3D-14.
2. Wang Miao, 'Eternality', Acrylic on canvas, , SGD1980, GALLERY 1819, Stand 3C-22.
3. Ang Yian Sann, 'Sliding in Nature No. 3', 2018, Oil on paper, 80 x 60cm, SGD3000, Art Forum Gallery, Stand 3C-17.
4. Oz El Hai, 'PASSION', Lacquer on wood abstract, 180 x 108cm, SGD11600, Bravo Arts, Stand 3D-09.
5. Kim Myoung-Jin, 'Edgewalker', 2019, Acrylic on canvas, 117 x 91cm, SGD9700, Galerie GAIA, Stand 2A-08.
6. Joonghyun Park, 'Rose SessionsII-053 (fleurs dans la vie)', 2018, Oil on canvas, 45.5 x 53cm, SGD1080, Gallery iLHO, Stand 2B-06.
7. Kristina Sretkova Cyprus, 'Cosmolicious 7', 2017, Oil on linen, 140 x 140cm, SGD12000, Kypriaki Gonia, Stand 2B-04.
8. David Kracov, 'I Love Murakami', Metal laser cut, 108 x 89cm, SGD1155, Ode To Art Pte Ltd, Stand 2B-17.
9. Pierce, 'The Big Beach', Acrylic Impasto on canvas on board, 90 x 160cm, SGD9000, RHG, Miami, Stand 2A-20.
10. Mary Chaplin, 'Imperial Lily', 2019, Acrylic on canvas, 80 x 100cm, SGD2600, Signet Contemporary Art, Stand 2B-18.
11. Mary Karavos, 'Hidden gems', 2018, Paper on canvas, 102 x 102cm, SGD5745, Spence Gallery, Stand 2A-03.
12. Natasha Barnes, 'Orange Blossom', 2017, Acrylic on canvas, 160 x 160cm, SGD9500, Barnes Collective, Stand 2B-13.













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