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Let the untamed nature of wild animals fill your home with energy!

From left to right:
1. Annabelle Marquis, 'Chasing the Wind', 2017, Acrylic and collage, 153 x 92cm, SGD5000, Artêria, Stand 2B-10.
2. Sara Habgood Chiffon, 'Dragonfly', Oil, gold leaf,resin, 92 x 92 x 4cm, SGD4343, Carina Haslam Art, Stand 3C-13.
3. Lee Na Jin, 'Great Gratitude. You have rised me. Oh wind and flowers (2)', 2016, Paint and mixed media, 45.5 x 53cm, SGD1900, Chung Art Gallery, Stand 3D-17.
4. Takehiro Kato, 'Chinese Phoenix', 2017, Mineral pigment, silver leaf on Japanese paper, 73 x 60cm, SGD7776, GallerySeek, Stand 3C-11.
5. Kavita Sachdev, 'Magical elephant', 2018, Mixed media on canvas, 100 x 80 cm, SGD3272, Gnani Arts, Stand 2B-02.
6. Ryuma Imai, 'Reindeer', 2017, Enamel and acrylic on canvas, 53 x 72 x 3cm, SGD5800, H-art Beat Gallery, Stand 2A-12.
7. Jee-eun Choi, 'Sweet Flower-Flower rain', 2018, Mixed media on canvas, 30cm, SGD2600, Heeam Gallery, Stand 3D-01.
8. Wattanapon Kitburin, 'Wolves', 2018, Pencil and acrylic on wood, 80 x 60cm, SGD3000, La Lanta Fine Art, Stand 2A-09.
9. Alex Louisa, 'Remnants', 2017, Oil and panel, 45 x 45cm, SGD1200, Lethbridge Gallery, Stand 3C-02.
10. Arata Higuchi, 'Production', 2017, Mixed media on paper, 35 x 35cm, SGD1200, LSD, Stand 2B-03.
11. Ieo Gek Ching, 'Devoted Leopard', 2017, Pen on brown paper, 110.5 x 95cm, SGD9200, Miaja Art Collections, Stand 2B-04.
12. Rujima, 'The spirit of together1', 2018, Oil on canvas, 110 x 140cm, SGD6200, Ode To Art, Stand 2B-16.



The simplicity and calm of monochrome is sure to inspire a sense of Zen.

From left to right:
1. Frederic BergerCardi, 'Happiness at Dawn', 2018, Ink on paper, 70 x 70 cm, SGD5000, Art Forum Gallery, Stand 3C-21.
2. Vijay Puchumani, 'Harmony', 2013, Wood cut print, 121 x 121 cm, SGD6500, Art Houz, Stand 2A-05.
3. Antoine Gaussin, 'Gateway', 2018, Photo rag on aluminium, 190 x 90cm, Ed 10, SGD7000, Artemiss Contemporary, Stand 3D-08.
4. Antoine Josse, 'Le pouvoir du rêveur', 2018, Soft pastels, graphite, acrylic paint and varnish on plaster, 30 x 30cm, SGD850, Byard Art, Stand 3C-22.
5. Kim Myoung-Jin, 'Edgewalker', 2017, Oil pastel & acrylic on canvas, 91 x 117cm, SGD9500, Galerie GAIA, Stand 2A-08.
6. Kyung Hee Koh, 'Still Life', 2010, Mixed media, 41 x 53cm, SGD1800, Gallery ArtPlaza, Stand 3D-19.
7. Adam Riches, '13 Faces and the other one', 2017, Pen on paper, 42 x 29.7 cm, SGD1400, Nadia Arnold Ltd, Stand 2B-09.
8. Jose Conceptes, 'Barras En Zig-Zag', 2016, Photograph, 30 x 30cm, Ed of 50, SGD1255, POCKET FINE ARTS, Stand 2B-18.
9. Anton Pulivirenti, 'Seraphina', 2018, 122 x 88cm, SGD6500, REDSEA Gallery, Stand 2A-14.
10. Jon Baker, '39 and Half steps', 2012, Etching on paper, 23 cm x 29 cm, SGD892, Siger Gallery, Stand 2B-11.
11. Nishimura Ryo, 'Occurring', 2017, Smoke, 90.5 x 60.5cm, Ed 8, SGD2000, The Tolman Collection, Stand 2B-12.
12. Tang Kok Soo, 'Tip-Top', 2017, Mixed media on paper, 120 x 160cm (framed), SGD12000, White Space Art Asia, Stand 2B-15.



Bring community, culture and the buzz of the city to life in your home.



Immerse yourself in floral artwork to relax after a long and busy day.



Retreat from the concrete jungle and enliven your eyes with a zing of green to boost your mood!



With creativity that ranges from the mountains to the sea, give yourself the space to breathe through art.

UNDER $1000


We have a wide range of affordable artworks to suit any wallet - check out this selection of pieces, all priced under SG$1,000!

1. Andy Yang, 'Secret Garden', 2017, Acrylic on paper, 44 x 36.5 cm, SGD1000, Art Forum Gallery, Stand 3C-21.
2. Sekarputri Sidhiawati, 'My Compendium of Being', 2017, Ceramic installation, 300 x 75cm, 82 pcs (12 x 20cm or 15 x 28cm each), SGD150-200 each, Art Porters Gallery, Stand 3C-23.
3. Isabelle Beaubien, 'In Memory', 2017, Acrylic and resin, 61 x 61cm, SGD800, Artêria, Stand 2B-10.
4. Rebecca Hon, 'Lotus Zen', 2017, Ink and colour on paper, 25.5cm x 33.5cm, SGD800, BLINK Gallery, Stand 2B-06.
5. Pamela Lawton, 'Spirit Level with Two Men', 2018, Porcelain and found object, 32 x 22.5 x 4cm, SGD750, Byard Art, Stand 3C-22.
6. Lee Yuchi, 'The way to work•∞', 2014, Oil on canvas, 41 x 31.7cm, SGD550, Gallery iLHO, Stand 2B-19.
7. Hyang-Yeon LEE, 'Autumn-1', 2016, Mixed media on canvas, 33.4 x 24.2cm, SGD700, Genuine Global Company, Stand 3D-05.
8. Sandhya Wadhwani, 'Content', 2017, Oil on canvas, 30 x 30 cm, SGD290, Gnani Arts, Stand 2B-02.
9. Masayuki TSUBOTA, 'The Wall of self (YT-1152)', 2018, Gesso, basswood, pigment, bronze foil, 30 × 30 × 5cm, SGD950, H-art Beat Gallery, Stand 2A-12.
10. Niko Klein-Allermann, 'Kabali After Puja 5', 2015, Photography print, 250 x 150cm, Ed 5, SGD1000, Overhead Gallery, Stand 3C-14.
11. Jose Conceptes, 'Casas Contenidas', 2015, Photograph, 17 x 17cm, Ed of 75, SGD500, POCKET FINE ARTS, Stand 2B-18.
12. Kei Yasaka, 'floating lights', 750, Acrylic on vinylon canvas, 13.5 x 41.7cm, SGD750, Shonandai Gallery, Stand 3C-17.
13. Annabelle Marquis, 'Papillon 3', 2018, Acrylic on collage, 8in diameter, SGD400, Artêria, Stand 2B-10.
14. Jaeyoun, Yoo, 'Face, Find A Story', 2017, White clay, 15 x 21 x 15cm, SGD800, ABLE Fine Art NY, Stand 2B-08.
15. Kaoru Mansour, 'Tanta Unit 95', 2018, Mixed media on canvas, 18 x 18cm, SGD900, Gallery K.A.G., Stand 3C-19.
16. Simone Mooney, 'Explosive 2', 2018, Canvas, 50 x 50cm, SGD900, Talking Textiles, Stand 2A-04.

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