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Browse a range of artworks and more from our 2018 Milan fair 



Take a look at some of the new galleries and artists exhibiting at our 8th edition.


This photographic exhibition, curated by Francesca Marani and Alessia Glaviano, comprises twenty works by four contemporary talented artists: Alexandra Von Fuerst, Clara Giaminardi, Justine Tjallinks and Romina Ressia. These women use photography to challenge and bring new life to images of the female universe.

From left to right:
1. Justine Tjallinks, 'Diversity' from the series Modern Times, Sophie Maree Gallery.
2. Romina Ressia, 'Luna' from the series 0-100 WIP.
3. Clara Giaminardi, 'The Reasons I Cry'.
4. Alexandra Von Fuerst, 'Of Withered Petals Under the Blooming Flower'.


Explore the varying styles and methods of urban art around the world. These examples are just a taste!

From left to right:
1. NOBA, 'Circle', 2017, Mixed media on canvas, 46 x 48 cm, Pisacane Arte, Stand F4.
2. M Chat, 'Flying', 2017, Acrylic on canvas, 80 x 80 cm, Galerie Le Container, Stand E6.
3. Gian Pietro Bombardelli, ‘Kamikaze’, 2011, Mixed media on canvas, 150 x 155cm, Spazio TID, Stand C5.
4. Veronica Green, ‘Super Guns’, 2017, Mixed media on canvas, 10 x 10cm, Federica Morandi Art Projects, Stand D1.
5. Mr Brainwash, ‘Dream Big Dreams’, 2017, Silk print, 57 x 57cm, Deodato Arte, Stand F3.
6. La Pupazza, ‘Duomo d'acqua’, 2017, Acrylic and spray on canvas, 70 x 100cm, Pisacane Arte, Stand F4.
7. URBAN SOLID, ‘Adamo e Eva’, 2017, Sculpture in plaster, Independent Artists, Stand H3.
8. Ronald Chapeau, ‘Good Times’, 2017, Mixed media, 150 x 105cm, The Art Shop, Stand J3.
9. Luca March, ‘Lady Stuff’, Acrylic on canvas and wood, 60 x 80cm, Il Melograno Art Gallery, Stand L5.
10. Van Apple, ‘Follow your dreams’, 2017, Mixed media, 180 x 80cm, The Art Shop, Stand J3.
11. Sarah Aller, ‘Village Ballerinas’, 2016, Mixed media, 40 x 50cm, Eye Contemporary Art Gallery, Stand E7.
12. Art of Soul, ‘Sisterdark’, Mixed media, 70 x 50cm, Il Melograno Art Gallery, Stand L5.


Discover the latest trends in the international art scene! Here are some of the best international galleries and artists on show at the fair this year.

From left to right:
1. GERARD MAS, ‘Dama del cicle’, 2017, Polychrome resin, 51 x 38 x 22cm, 3 punts Galeria, Stand E5.
2. Elisabeth Von Wrede, ‘Ailleurs...souvent’, Oil on canvas, 120 x 120cm, 3 Cerises sur une etagere, Stand B3.
3. PARK HYUNG JIN, ‘Another space#1’, 2017, Mixed media on lenticular screen, 80 x 80cm, Art JB, Stand B2.
4. Phuong Quoc Tri, ‘A Glance, Ying’, 2017, Oil on canvas, 120 x 120cm, ArtBlue Studio, Stand D6.
5. Virginie Schroeder, ‘I’m Just Amazing’, 2017, Acrylic on canvas, 60 x 40cm, Arteria Gallery, Stand D5.
6. Annabelle Marquis, ‘Show Room’, Acrylic on canvas, 122 x 76cm, Arteria Gallery, Stand D5.
7. Henry Walsh, ‘Assembly IV’, Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 50cm, Fine Art Consultancy, Stand H4.
8. Tomoko Magao, ‘Gioconda After Da Vinci, Purple’, 2016, Stencil on canvas, 120 x 110cm, Deodato Arte, Stand F3.
9. Laura Jordan, ‘Milano’, 2017, Hand painted print, 93 x 93cm, Enchanted Space Gallery, Stand YG8.
10. Emily Merpillat, ‘Blue’, Photographie plexiglass, 80 x 50cm, etcART, Stand C4.
11. Veronica Green, ‘Head in the clouds’, 2016, Mixed media on canvas, 40 x 70cm, Federica Morandi Art Projects, Stand D1.
12. Xraich Tenso, Sculpture in aluminium, La Galeria de Guadalajara, Stand A2.
13. Hiroyuki Shinkai, ‘Hange in color -12 stage’, FRP,60 x 5 x 30cm, GINZA Gallery G2, Stand C1.
14. Milan Markovich, ‘Le Miracle 2’, 2016, Oil on canvas, 40 x 60cm, Goodwin Gallery, Stand J2.
15. Vision Kunio, ‘Abe’, Oil, black gesso and crayon on canvas, 91 x 73cm, Kitai Kikaku, Stand C2.
16. M Chat, ‘Two pussy is better than one’, 2017, Acrylic on canvas, 80 x 80cm, Galerie Le Container, Stand E6.
17. Maria Rivans, ‘Amelia (Gold)’, Giclee and screen print with 23 carat gold and spot varnish on Somerset, 110 x 77cm, Liberty Gallery, Stand G4.
18. Haringa+Olijve, ‘Boogiewoogie’, Galerie NUMMER40, Stand E4.
19. Joanna Skurska, ‘Flyer’, 2016, Copper wire,  25 x 20 x 50cm, RED CORRIDOR Gallery, Stand D2.
20. Leszek Skurski, ‘ Gone Beyond’, 2017, Oil on canvas, 100 x 160cm, RED CORRIDOR Gallery, Stand D2.

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