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Inkyo Back installation



Stefano Ogliari Badessi

"At the first view the world of art is, at its heart, an uncertain universe, but even more so if we learn about its labyrinthic concepts, and it is this journey that can help to expand our vision."

Through his art, Stefano Ogliari Badessi aims to represent the cosmos and the viewers journey through it, listening and observing. Within this unique installation, stefano creates a representation of the colours of the deep space using painted collophane, aiming to transport the viewers mind to another dimension. Suspended light installations represent constellations that change over time, providing an evolving experience. Not only a beautiful and inspiring installation, it will also be the location for talks at the Affordable Art Fair, giving visitors an immersive experience.

Stefano Ogliari Badessi installation

Inkyo Back
Inkyo Back installation"Rolling Ground"

“One colour carries a single meaning. Two colours create a harmony. Three colours create something totally new. My goal through my installations, no matter the space or size, is to create a dynamic and visually interesting space that captures the viewer in a web of colour. I want to create an emotional response that could be surprise or shock, creating a ‘wow’ or overwhelming moment to the viewer."

This is how Singaporean artist, Inkyo Back (represented by EKArt Gallery), describes her work. Her words will become a reality with a playful installation which you'll find at the fair.



Illustrazioni Seriali

Illustrazioni Seriali is a kaleidoscope experience, dedicated to the contemporary illustration, founded in 2017 by Chiara Pozzi, starting from her personal knowledge, passion and research about the art of illustration.

Chiara Pozzi

At Affordable Art Fair Milano, Illustrazioni Seriali will present a special project with two well-known contemporary illustrators: Malika Favre and Emiliano Ponzi, who have created a series of original artworks and limited editions prints, specifically made for the fair.

Malika Favre is a French illustrator, who currently lives in Barcelona. Her bold, minimal style is a striking lesson in the use of positive/negative space and colour. Her unmistakable style has made her work famous all over the world. Her clients include The New Yorker, Sephora, Vogue, Penguin Books and many others.

Emiliano Ponzi lives in Milan and is one of the finest illustrators of his generation. His bold textured illustrations employ repetition, a judicious use of line, strong graphic compositions and the use of conceptual metaphors to define and communicate the concept at hand. His illustrations appear in advertising, magazines, books, newspapers and animation, for clients that include The New York Times, Le Monde, The New Yorker, Moma NY, Penguin Books, La Repubblica, Mondadori, Il Sole 24 Ore, Feltrinelli, the Triennale Design Museum and many others.

During the exhibition there is the opportunity to meet the artists in person (Malika Favre on Friday and Emiliano Ponzi on Saturday) for an exclusive talk and breakfast with the artists. Read more about our programme »

Chiara Pozzi, who lives and works in Milano, is the founder of Illustrazioni Seriali and curator of the project. She collaborated with major contemporary art galleries, including the Galleria Massimo De Carlo and Cardi Black Box, and she is currently working for Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea. In 2018, Chiara co-founded the Art and Design studio duestudio, which produces limited edition design objects created by artists.

Illustrazioni Seriali



Returning to Affordable Art Fair Milan with Bleach Box Photography Gallery from Cambridge, UK, photographer Richard Heeps has created a special project especially for the fair with a series of works based on Milan.Richard Heeps

“I have given myself a week to shoot to get through the many layers and beneath the surface of Milan. My working title is ‘A Short History of Milan’. I am intrigued by the cities industrial past, the home of the Lambretta, the combinations of brutalist, gothic and modernist architecture and it’s influence on the spirit of the city. Visually what I have also noticed is how Milan seems to sparkle and dazzle in the rain. Who knows how much this will influence the final work.”

Richard Heeps’ seductive, highly saturated use of colours and sophisticated pictorial structures demonstrate a true love for his subject matter – be it cool, descriptive interiors, still life or landscape. His distinctive style pushes the limits of lens-based photography without the need for digital manipulation.


LAB by Rum Diplomatico

Located in the Terrace
A new love is born, one between contemporary art and Rum Diplomatico: and we are delighted to debut this love in Lab. Lab is a space where art meets Rum Diplomatico, in which you can experience emerging artists create a special project live during the fair, plus can enjoy live performance and tasting.

Working with our partner, Rum Diplimático, at Affordable Art Fair Milan you can observe and participate in a series of live art-making, performances, and of course delicious rum tasting. Introducing LAB, a space where art meets rum, taking place throughout the fair with daily masterclasses and special events (places are limited!).

On stage, creating live, will be emerging artists Marcelina Amelia (Liberty Gallery), Dayana Montesano (PICA Photo), Irati Anda Solay, Antonella Mellini (Independent Artists), Irene Meniconi (ExpArt Studio&Gallery), Mr Savethewall (Deodato Arte) and Fra Design (Key Gallery). The artworks they create potentially being selected as the creative to be applied to a future limited edition Rum Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva.

Don't miss these exclusive daily Masterclass which take place every day at 6pm (25 – 27 January), where special guests will guide you through the unexpected creative world of rum.

Friday 25 January
Leonardo Pinto, rum expert and founder of Isla de Rum & Luca Maffei Parfumeur Atelier Fragranze Milano.

Saturday 26 January
Eugenio Boer, chef patron ristaurant Bu:r & Walter Gosso, Brand Ambassador Compagnia dei Caraibi.

Sunday 27 January *18.30
Master Pastry Sal de Riso & Walter Gosso, Brand Ambassador Compagnia dei Caraibi.

Spaces are limited - so don't miss out! Snap up your tickets here »


Artists to discover, in Virtual Reality

Can you imagine visiting one art fair, and seeing an additional ten exhibitions within the same space? "That isn't possible!" we hear you cry! Well, we are delighted to tell you that it is thanks to the power of Virtual Reality.

With our partner Wide VR and in collaboration with TWT, at this year's fair, you're invited to step into the realms of VR and visit ten unique virtual exhibitions, all from the comfort of Affordable Art Fair Milan. Join us in the Wide Lounge space where you will find eight VR stations, and by donning your VR goggles you will be transported to a virtual fair where ten additional exhibitions await you, each featuring work by a different artist including installation, photographic and painted works.

Our technology partner, TWT, has been at the forefront of TLC and high-speed fibre-optic technology for the past 20 years. Providing solutions to innovative companies who are seeking a strategic digital transformation for their business.

The Wide Lounge will be open for the duration of the fair - don't miss out on this unique experience!



Nowadays at art fairs, exhibitions and in the media, the focus is more and more on financial and economic features of the art industry, disproportionally putting the artistic and creative values aside.

Arteconomy exposes this profane development, which has grown in importance recent decades. By removing, the previously central figure of the artist, and paradoxically replacing with them with financial industry concepts and jargon, Arteconomy draw attention to the imbalance between art and economics, prompting further discussion.

Visit the Milan fair to see the Continuity Series, an exhibition by Arteconomy, made up of a series of works which are all identical but different at the same time, and whose selling process is an integral part of the work itself.

Using the Arteconomy coined phrases; "Incremental Emotion" and "Emotional co-dividend" they aim to shake up the perverse mechanics of the art world.



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