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Visitors on a tour at Battersea Spring 2018



Our Creative Hub will help you unleash your inner-artist with a range of inspiring and interactive activities. This year's theme is art and wellness, and we've worked closely with art therapists and charities to design a programme that will help you express your emotions, while enjoying the relaxing process of creating art.

Join us for interactive activities such as Mindful Colouring and Shred it or Save it, which will be on offer for the duration of the fair.

Mindful Colouring

Looking to unplug and unwind? With patterns designed to celebrate the Affordable Art Fair 20th Anniversary (yes, 20 years! We can hardly believe it too!), immerse yourself in some mindful colouring.

Shred it or Save it!

Inspired by that famous Banksy auction, create an artwork to record a feeling or moment in your life, then decide if you want to shred it through our specially designed art frame or take your masterpiece home with you.




A not-to-be-missed live body painting performance by Emma Hack

Emma Hack live body paintingDo your best to spot the model as South Australian artist Emma Hack uses her mastery of body paint to camouflage her subject within an artful background. Emma will be wow-ing visitors with a rare one off performance on our Opening Night.

Emma Hack is popularly known for her collaboration with Grammy award winning musician Gotye which resulted in the iconic, award winning music video for Somebody That I Used to Know, which has been viewed by over 800 million people worldwide, raising her profile and making her sought after in the US, UK and Europe.


Thought Catchers by Jasmine MansbridgeJasmine Mansbridge installation

Step into the larger than life 'Thought Catchers' installation created by Australian artist Jasmine Mansbridge. In this interactive installation, visitors are encouraged to physically take a step inside two metre cubes with mirrored floors and ceilings to gather and hold their thoughts. Separating oneself from the bustle of the art fair, this sensory activity will help you separate the outside from the inside via a tangible experience. With thanks to Jasmine Mansbridge who is represented by The Gallery by Fenton and Fenton.


Melbourne based artist Cezary Stulgis has crafted a series of unique a sculptural centre pieces especially for the inaugural Melbourne! Using welded steel and burnished in bright hues, Stulgis' dogs have personality, movement and are alarming realistic in nature. The site specific work, made from an otherwise otherwise harsh material, will bask under the dome of the Royal Exhibition Buildings inviting visitors to interact with the canine inspired study. With thanks to Cezary Stulgis who is representd by West End Art Space.

Dog sculpture by Cezary Stulgis

Kā Uri Descendants by Greg McDonaldKā Uri Descendants by Greg McDonald

In collaboration; New Zealand artist Greg McDonald and Vaka Interactiv, have produced the world’s first interactive digital portrait that moves and talks when viewers engage with it, evoking a sense of wonder and empathy by all that view it. Using special facial recognition technology, ‘Descendant X’ comes alive when she senses a person looking at her, then speaks to the viewer telling a story of who she is and where she comes from in the native New Zealand Māori language of Aotearoa. With thanks to Greg McDonald who is represented by Chiaroni Gallery.

Jackie Case - The ATM ProjectThe ATM Project by Jackie Case

Internationally renowned artist Jackie Case will be launching her long awaited ATM project at our Melbourne fair. Simply purchase yourself a novelty-sized credit card at the nearby cashier and insert. Jackie, who is artfuly hidden inside the custom built ATM, will be waiting to generate your 'withdrawal', a unique sketch which will take one to two minutes to create. Make sure you inspire Jackie by requesting a subject matter or emotion of your choice. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take home an original artwork, instantly created from your commission.

Naomi Nicholls - Field of Vision

Don't miss Naomi Nicholls large scale painterly installation which will artfully sprawl across the floors and walls at the entrance to the Royal Exhibition Building. Nicholls paints where painting is not meant to go. Her works have escaped the frame and left the canvas, preferring to stretch out across the floor, up the wall, and across the ceiling. Her huge collaged installations of brightly coloured vinyl and paint, are applied with sizeable brushes engaging her whole body to drag the brush around. One of our Young Talent Victoria artists, 34 year old Nicholls was born in Kyabram, Victoria and currently lives and works in Melbourne having graduated with Honours from the Victoria College of the Arts, Melbourne.

Naomi Nicholls installation



Fair Director's Pick

Led by Fair Director Stephanie Kelly, join this exciting tour of the fair, who will not only give you some top tips on collecting art, but will lead you around the galleries and artworks not to miss!

Thursday 5 September - 7pm
Friday 6 September - 7pm
Saturday 7 September - 4pm
Sunday 8 September - 4pm

Under $1,000 selection

Looking for an affordable artwork to kick-start your collecting journey? Join our Under $1,000 tour to discover a huge variety of artwork and get the collecting bug.

Thursday 5 September - 6pm
Friday 6 September - 3pm
Saturday 7 September - 12pm
Sunday 8 September - 12pm

Young Talent Victoria tour

The emerging artist scene is one of the most exciting of any creative city, filled with a sense of exploration and freedom. It’s no wonder that our Young Talent exhibitions around the world are some of the most popular features of our fairs. Join this tour of the Young Talent artists, five rising stars from Melbourne and Victoria, and learn more about their diverse techniques and immense talents.

To get a sneak peek at the our fabulous five, read our Young Talent Victoria blog.

Thursday 5 September - 8pm
Friday 6 September - 5pm
Saturday 7 September - 2pm
Sunday 8 September - 2pm


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