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Release your inner animal with our wild selection of beastly beauties.

From left to right:
1. Zhang Yong, 'Love Me II', 2018, 18K gold-plated bronze, 37cm x 28cm x 24cm, $9000, Asian Art Platform.
2. Tjanpi Desert Weavers, 'Kamula (camel)', 2018, Fiber, 48cm x 14cm, Bluethumb Online Art Gallery.
3. C J Green, 'Liberian Lynx', Oil and acrylic on board, 97cm x 130cm, Byard Art.
4. Kris Thomas, 'The Pissed Off Princess', 2018, Acrylic and oil on canvas, 120cm x 90cm, $6000, Chiaroni Gallery.
5. Emma Hack, 'Exotic Bird Mandala III', Body paint photography, Emma Hack Gallery.
6. Hyungjin Park, 'Peace of Mind #02', 2018, Mixed media on lenticular screen, 70cm x 70cm, $4000, Gallery Tableau.
7. Visarute Angkatavanich, 'Autumn wind', 2016, Photography, 60cm x 90cm, $3800, La Lanta Fine Art.
8. Geoffrey Carran, 'Aroha', 2019, 140cm x 120cm, $5000, Martinich & Carran.
9. Gianfranco Asveri, 'Abracadabra', 2018, Oil on canvas, 62cm x 80cm, Palma Arte.
10. Natalie Toplass, 'A Small Below', 2019, Oil on canvas, 100cm x 130cm, $6500, Quantum Contemporary Art.
11. Dean Bowen, 'Flightless Bird', 2018, Lithograph, 48cm x 68cm, $1200, Salt Contemporary.
12. Kitti Narod, 'A Photograph of Queenie', Tusk Gallery.



Often described as the colour of tranquility, fill your home with beautiful blue art for a calm, meditative interior style.

From left to right:
1. Shazia Imran, 'Walking along the Central Park 2', 2018, Mixed media on canvas, 35.5cm x 35.5cm, $2500, AAD Gallery.
2. Misun Chun, 'Untitled', 2017, Mixed media on panel, 80cm x 80cm, Able Fine Art NY.
3. C J Green, 'Chrome Eggcup with Lid', Oil and acrylic on board, 106cm x 106cm, Byard Art.
4. K.R. Santhana Krishnan, 'Brown Door', 2012, Acrylic on canvas, 61cm x 61cm, $1400, Gnani Arts.
5. Kwon Ji An, 'Red', 2017, Acrylic on canvas, 100cm x 100cm, $3000, Jinsan Gallery.
6. Visarute Angkatavanich, 'Angel Winter', 2016, Photography, 60cm x 90cm, $3800, La Lanta Fine Art.
7. Rowena Martinich, 'Slipstream', 2018, Acrylic on canvas, 229cm x 198cm, $5000, Martinich & Carran.
8. Morgan Shimeld, 'Trimetric Blue Traced', 2016, MIld steel, powder coated, 30cm x 30cm x 15cm, $1650, MOD Collective.
9. Jiyou Jeon, 'Flowing-1704(7)', 2017, Mixed media, 65.2cm x 53cm, $4000, Mookji Art.
10. Simon Palmer, 'Colour subject No.99 'Life Aquatic Blue'', 100cm x 100cm, $2200, Project Gallery 90.
11. Ron Lawson, 'Flonnphort, Mull', 2018, Watercolour and gouache on paper, 50cm x 65cm, $5000, Quantum Contemporary Art.
12. Craig Parnaby, 'The Drop 1', Acrylic on canvas, 100cm x 150cm, $7900, Salt Contemporary Art.
13. Didier Lourenco, 'My big invisible friend', 2019, Oil, 120cm x 120cm, $4000, State of the Arts.
14. Goto Hidehiko, 'Silent Light Portfolio', 2019, 49.5cm x 37.5cm, $2000, The Tolman Collection, Tokyo.
15. Fran O'Neill, 'Dark Beauty', 2017, Oil on canvas, 122cm x 122cm, $5500, Wend End Art Space.
16. Katsutoshi Yuasa, 'Tread softly because you tread on my dreams', 2018, Oil-based woodcut, 60.5cm x 90cm, YUKI-SIS.



Take inspiration from natures own artwork with our curated category of botanical inspired pieces.

From left to right:
1. Jenny Fusca, 'Nanette', 2018, Acrylics with oil glaze, 102cm x 102cm, $3200, Art to Art.
2. Liliana Gigovic, 'Bunch Of...', 2018, Oil, 61cm x 61cm, Bluethumb Online Art Gallery.
3. Jack Frame, 'Rubicon, Cherry Blossom', Oil on gold leaf, 80cm x 80cm, $4000, Byard Art.
4. Emma Hack, 'Charlotte with Chrysanthemum and Dahlia', Body paint photography, Emma Hack Gallery.
5. Kerry Bruce, 'Blooms of Beauty', 2018, Acrylic on canvas, 90cm x 90cm, $2990, Fern Street Gallery.
6. Jason Moad, 'Thought Form V Monster', 2019, Oil on linen, 152cm x 167cm, $9000, Fox Galleries.
7. Joe Blundell, 'Sundance', 2019, Oil, 92cm x 92cm, $2900, JAG Contemporary.
8. Dionne Rzechta, 'Tall Poppies', 2019, Mixed media on MDF, $2750, MOD Collective.
9. Carlos Rezende, 'Brazil', 2019, Tempera, 145cm x 145cm, $7000, TavernART.
10. Anna Placidi, 'The Hungarian Vase', Acrylic on board, 50cm x 50cm, $1350, The Gallery by Fenton & Fenton.
11. Alison Percy, 'Bogong High Plains Road', 2019, Acrylic on canvas, 94.4cm x 124.9cm, $2800, Vernissage.
12. Zoe Ellenberg, 'Avocado Split', 2016, Bronze with patina on marble, 46cm x 11cm x 10cm, $1950, Vernissage.



If you prefer your pictures created en plein air, browse our selection of landscapes.

From left to right:
1. Liliana Gigovic, 'Water Lillies...', 2018, Oil, 40cm x 30cm, Bluethumb Online Art Gallery.
2. Kristal del Villar, 'Crooked River I', 2019, Acrylic on canvas, 91cm x 91cm, $1800, Fern Street Gallery.
3. Victor Rubin, 'Grevillea Gorge - Beverly Springs, North West Kimberley', 1992, Gouache on Meirat handmade paper, 29.7cm x 42cm, $1660, Fox Galleries.
4. Cristian Ber, 'Aer mundi', 2018, Acrylic spray on canvas, 90cm x 160cm, $3850, Palma Arte.
5. Kate Hopkinson-Pointer, 'Forest Light 6', Oil on marine ply, 120cm x 100cm, $4500, Project Gallery 90.
6. Beckie Reed, 'Canopy', 2019, Acrylic and enamel on canvas, 90cm x 120cm, $7000, Quantum Contemporary Art.
7. Eleanor Millard, 'Mid Summer', 2019, Acrylic on paper, 49cm x 49cm, $3400, Salt Contemporary Art.
8. Nao Sakamoto, 'Little Red', 2017, Colour ink, 27.1cm x 38.2cm, $1500, Taiko Associates.
9. Gareth Edwards, 'A Floating World', 2019, Oil on canvas, 55cm x 57cm, The Gallery Eumundi.
10. Hamanishi Katsunori, 'Prime Summer', 2017, Japanese print, 49.5cm x 45cm, $2000, The Tolman Collection, Tokyo.
11. Liz Turnbull, 'The Land of Dreams', 2019, Acrylic, 95cm x 106cm, $2600, Trans Tasman Artist Collective.
12. Katsutoshi Yuasa, 'Sangenes Sang', 2015, Oil-based woodcut with pigment on paper, 100cm x 200cm, YUKI-SIS.



Browse our selection of binary coloured works and bring the intensity of monochome art into your home.

From left to right:
1. Emma Hack, 'Carnation Mandala III', Body paint photography, Emma Hack Gallery.
2. Esther Erlich, 'Spectacle', 2019, Acrylic on canvas, 150cm x 120cm, $12000, Fox Galleries.
3. Jorna Newberry, 'Walpa Wind Dreaming', 2019, Acrylic on linen, 65cm x 71cm, COOEE.
4. Stacey Mrmacovski, 'Place of Presence VII', 2019, 32cm x 32cm, $690, Manyung Gallery.
5. Morgan Shimeld, 'Rising Step', 2016, Bronze, black patina, $4400, MOD Collective.
6. Kwan Soo Kim, 'The Branches of a Tree', 2018, Mixed media, 90cm x 90cm, $5500, Mookji Art.
7. Yongrae Kwon, 'Garden of Light', 2019, Oil on stainless steel, 116cm x 83cm, $8000, Mookji Art.
8. Peter Berner, 'Melancholy', Acrylic on plywood panels, 70.5cm x 72.5cm, $1750, Project Gallery 90.
9. Liam Murphy, 'Should've Been In Love', Acrylic on canvas, 33.5cm x 28.5cm, $350, The Gallery by Fenton & Fenton.
10. Toko Shinoda, 'Wind from the Sea', 2000, Japanese ink, 56.5cm x 73cm, $10000, The Tolman Collection, Tokyo.
11. Omorshuis, 'Tracing Time', 2018, Acrylic graphite on canvas, 100cm x 100cm, $2300, Trans Tasman Artist Collective.
12. Tara Schyer, 'From A Distance', 2018, Acrylic on canvas, 93cm x 78cm, $1350, Vernissage.



Personal, poigant and with an arresting gaze - our seletion of portraits is not to be missed.

From left to right:
1. Kwanwoo Lee, 'Condensation', Mixed media (Korean stamps), Able Fine Art NY.
2. Angie Goto, 'The Calling', 2017, Mixed media, 42cm x 59cm, $700, Art to Art.
3. Tao Xian, 'Deep Blue', 2018, Oil on cotton, 101cm x 76cm, $4800, Asian Art Platform.
4. Jay Kelly, 'Another Chapter', 2016, Collage and resin, $8500, Axiom Contemporary.
5. Kim Leutwyler, 'Hey Man', 2017, Oil, 162cm x 102cm, Bluethumb Online Art Gallery.
6. Greg Chiaroni, 'Descendant X', 2018, Mixed media, 140cm x 85cm, $3500, Chiaroni Gallery.
7. Maasa Nishimura, 'One', 2017, Oil on canvas, 122cm x 122cm, $6000, Émigré Collection.
8. Rei Inaba, 'Smile', 2018, Silk, acrylic on canvas collage, 41cm x 31.8cm, $3250, Émigré Collection.
9. Esther Erlich, 'Brunhilder', 2019, Acrylic on canvas, 24cm x 20cm, $1650, Fox Galleries.
10. Gina Fishman, 'Drifting', 2016, Acrylic, $4500, JAG Contemporary.
11. Chamnan Chongpaiboon, 'Jedda', 2018, Acrylic on canvas, 100cm x 120cm, $5400, La Lanta Fine Art.
12. Charles Wilcox, 'The Peninsula Diver', 2019, 125cm x 95cm, $2200, Manyung Gallery.
13. Dionne Rzechta, 'Vintage Vogue', 2019, Mixed media on MDF, 150cm x 130cm, $2950, MOD Collective.
14. Melina Lamberto, 'Humana Liber Quadratorum', 2018, Oil on canvas, 80cm x 40cm, Palma Arte.
15. Pier Toffoletti, 'Visioni', 2019, Acrylic on canvas, 110cm x 85cm, $7200, Palma Arte.
16. Peter Berner, 'Green head', Pencil and acrylic on plywood, 78cm x 65cm, $1790, Project Gallery 90.

Under A$1K


Searching for that first piece of to kick-start your collecting journey? Look no further than our under $1,000 collection!

From left to right:
1. C. Farmer, 'Dreaming or Head in the clouds', Oil on board, 30cm, $500, Art Platinum.
2. Angie Goto, 'Ava', 2017, Mixed media, 42cm x 59cm, $700, Art to Art.
3. Linsay Madden, 'Play with a Straight Bat', 41cm x 66cm, $1000, Byard Art.
4. Kerry Bruce, 'Daisy', 2019, 51cm x 61cm, $790, Fern Street Gallery.
5. Mark Dustin, 'Black Forest - Black Country', 2018, Unique state print on aluminium, 60cm x 40.5cm, $750, Fox Galleries.
6. Melanie Macilwain, 'Central Lands Series 1', Acrylic on canvas, 30.5cm x 48.5cm, $600, The Gallery by Fenton & Fenton.
7. Kagetsu Buic, 'Nautilus', 2017, Photographic print, 102cm x 102cm, $750, Vernissage.
8. Neil Pipe, 'Cake', Acrylic on panel, 2cm x 20cm, $750, Van Rensburg Galleries VRG*.




For even more of a sneak preview of the Melbourne fair, have a browse of our digital catalogue below.


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