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Scroll down to browse a range of artworks from our upcoming Hong Kong fair 

Young Talent Hong Kong


Young Talent Hong Kong was started in 2013 by Affordable Art Fair, to provide a platform for emerging talent to show their works and further their career through exposure to a diverse audience. Some of the 2018 Young Talent Hong Kong artists include Angela Yuen, Zhang Xiaoli, Tse Chun Sing, Tom Chung Man, Doreen Chanand Cheung Wai Lok. Also recent graduate Anliza Lam Tsz Ching will present an installation made of bra wires, exploring the role of motherhood.

From left to right:
1. Angela Yuen
2. Cheung Wai Lok
3. Doreen Chan
4. Tom Chung Man
5. Tse Chun Sing
6. Zhang Xiaoli
6. Anliza Lam Tsz Ching

FRESH Exhibition


A selection of works by the most exciting artists from around the world debuting at the fair. This exhibition is a great place for seasoned collectors looking to add fresh new artists to their existing collections, or for new buyers that are keen to kick start their own art journey.

From left to right:
1. Armelle Burke, 'Dancer', 2016, Photography, 84.1 x 59.4cm, Siger Gallery.
2. Benjamin Hao, 'A Better Place to Be - No Room To Turn Back', 2015, Mixed media, 42 x 25cm, Art Forest.
3. Demsky, 'Orbital C2', 2018, Synthetic enamel on cutted ACP, SWL.
4. Du Haijun, 'Tube Shaped Apartment Building in Yangpu, Shanghai', 2016, Oil on canvas, 80 x 120cm, Nancy's Gallery.
5. Jirasak Anujohn, 'Cover Eyes 4', 2018, Charcoal, 111.5 x 150cm, Arts de Siam.
6. Maria Svarbova, 'Smykacka 2', 2016, Photography, 50 x 50cm, Momentum Fine Art.
7. Nic Gaunt, 'Angel 10', 2018, Photograph on metal, 45 x 45cm, Edition of 8, The Fellowship Studio.
8. Peng Ben Hao, '1981 Nanjing Outskirts', 1981, Painting on paper, 7.5 x 9.2cm, HUXIA PROJECTS.
9. Pep Marchegiani, 'Sfiorenze', 2017, Print, 50 x 50cm, Galleria Colonna
10. Ram Mallari Jr., 'Battle of the Nuts Mini Series', 2017, Mixed media, 41 x 20 x 41cm, Kambal Gallery.
11. Steven Lindsay, 'In the Absence of Sufficient Light 2', Oil on canvas, Lime Tree Gallery.
12. Tsukika Hoshiba, 'When waiting for a train', 2017, Acrylic, 91 x 117cm, Masataka & Rise.

Have we piqued your interest? For even more of a sneak preview of the Hong Kong fair, click here to view our digital catalogue »

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