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If you're mad about monochrome, we've got just the artworks for you!

From left to right:
1. Gideon de Kock, 'Coffee Silhouette', 2017, Photography, 105 x 70 cm, HKD 2000, Bamboo Scenes.
2. Christina Tung, 'Playing Around 游樂', 2018, Ink colour on rice paper, 24 x 27, HKD 3800, Cheer Bell Gallery.
3. Emma Hack, 'Suspended Enigma', 2018, Body Art, collage and photography, 120 x 90 cm, HKD 40000, Emma Hack Gallery.
4. Liu Jia , 'Clear Pond', 2018, Ink on silk, 66 x 60 cm, HKD 25000, K&J Gallery.
5. Kenny Mak, 'Hollow', 2015, Ink and watercolour, 39 x 49cm, HKD 13500, Our Gallery.
6. Jose Conceptes, 'Escuadras', 2016, Photography, 17 x 17cm, HKD 1800, POCKET FINE ARTS.
7. Eugenia Jaeger, 'May', 2018, Paper, Silk-screen, pencil and acrylic, 50 х 70cm, HKD 7500, Red Square Gallery.
8. Toko Shinoda, 'Wind from the Sea', 2000, Lithograph on paper, 53.3 x 71.1cm, HKD 70000, The Tolman Collection.

Pop art


Bring some pop-art prowess into your home, with our selection of idealised, sugar-coated creativity.

From left to right:
1. Pao, 'Pacific Trash Vortex', Silk Screen, Edition 100, 100 x 70cm, Art D2.
2. Nelson DeLa Nuez, 'Take The Crypto & Run', 2018, Resin on wood, 81 x 81cm, Artspace Warehouse.
3. Yuval Gold , 'Karl', 2018, Mixed-media on canvas, 120 x 90cm, HKD 65000, Bravo Art Group.
4. Carmen Pastrana, 'Fábula#8', 2018, Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 160cm, Retrospect Galleries.
5. Perish The Thought, 'Rabbit 2', 2018, Ink on heat moulded film, 70 x 120cm, HKD 19000, TAG Fine Arts.
6. Harry Harrison, 'americangreats', 2018, Ink and watercolour, 50 x 70cm, Tavern ART.
7. Natan Elkanovich, 'Love Rosa', 2017, Mixed-media sprinkled on canvas, 120 x 120cm, Tribes Gallery.
8. Andre Tan , 'L. SUPERMON #03', 2018, Acrylic on canvas, 122 x 122cm, HKD 28000, Utterly Art.



Portraits are said to be so personal, that they reveal the deepest secrets of their subjects. Can you guess what they are?

From left to right:
1. Virginie Schroeder, 'Boticelli et la naissance de Vénus', 2018, Acrylic, 92 x 122cm, HKD 18000, Artêria.
2. Jojo Ramirez, 'Burst', 2019, Mixed-media, 102 x 76cm, HKD 29500, Artfront Collective.
3. Cody Choi, 'Self Portrait1', Photography, Edition of 20, 84 x 60cm, HKD 50000, Art Salon.
4. KELLY, 'Rainbow Eyes', 2017, Collage, acrylic and resin on panel, 91 x 112cm, HKD 50000, AXIOM.
5. OTTO NERI, 'Mental Equilibrium', 2016, Oil on canvas, 76 x 92 cm, HKD 38000, Floren Gallery.
6. Bruno Mallart, 'Velasquez à la moustache', 2016, Black chalk and volume on sized wood, 50 x 34 cm, Galerie Calderone.
7. Steven Lindsay, 'A Pilgrimage', 2018, Oil, 60 x 60cm, HKD 37500, Lime Tree Gallery.
8. Kelly Grace, 'Polaroid Sighting', 2017, Acrylic paint and pencil crayon on panel, 45 x 81cm, HKD 27500, Lustre Contemporary.



Let your imagination travel to the rural-idyll of your dreams, through these artworks, and be transported to the good life.

From left to right:
1. Elizabeth Langreiter, 'Cooling Off', 2018, Mixed-media on canvas, 101 x 152 x 4cm, AAD Gallery.
2. Ben Chen, '彩日 Colors of the Day', Oil on canvas, 80 x 80cm, Ben Gallery.
3. Maki Kuchida, 'Round midnight', Mineral pigment and ink on silk, 43 x 53cm, Eye Contemporary Art.
4. Hal Pratt, 'FloodPlainRainbowValley', 2017, Watercolor on cotton paper, 36 x 36cm, HKD 20000, Global Gallery.
5. Nidhi Saman, 'Journey with the Angels', 2018, Mixed-media, 90 x 90cm, Gnani Arts.
6. David Smith RSW, 'Old Pier, Portree, Skye', 2018, Oil, 60 x 80cm, HKD 34000, Lime Tree Gallery.
7. Mary Pym, 'Wintry Sun', 2018, Oil , 53 x 53cm, HKD 18995, Marie House at Beer.
8. Ian Houston, 'Aberdeen Harbour Hong Kong', 46 x 56cm, PH2.
9. Ron Lawson, 'Crofters Sheep', Watercolour and gouache on paper, 117 x 70cm, HKD 46000, QCA.
10. JunInoue, 'BlockBrainCintents R2', 2019, Acrylic, pencil and chalk on paper, 34.8 x 35.8cm, HKD 17000, Sakod Art Gallery.
11. Alison Johnson, 'Fresh Rain', 2019, Oil on canvas, 76 x 76cm, HKD 16650, Signet Contemporary Art.
12. Garry Brander, 'giddy-goose-shack', 2016, Oil on canvas, 60 x 60cm, HKD 12500, Strange Tracey.

Under 10K


Looking to kick-start your art collecting journey? Here's our selection of amazing artworks, all priced under HK$10,000.

From left to right:
1. PURE EVIL, 'Marilyn Glam - EMBELLISHED #7', 2018, Acrylic, paint marker and sprat paint on timber panel, 47.5 x 40 x 1.2cm, HKD 7000, A.STYLE.
2. Shan Jiang, 'Ride X', 2015, Pencil, Colour in Digital; Archival Digital Print, 51 x 80cm, HKD 6900, Art Projects Gallery.
3. Timmy Lo, 'Leap', 2018, Photography, 77 x 96cm, HKD 2,000-6,000, Bamboo Scenes.
4. Gijsbert Hanekroot, 'David Bowie', 1976, Photography, Edition of 25, 30 x 40cm, HKD 9800, Blue Lotus Gallery.
5. LeonLollipop, 'Carlo', Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 60cm, HKD 8800, Art Tu_ Gallery.
6. Adam Riches, 'Demure', 2017, Pen on paper, 21 x 29.7cm, HKD 4500, Nadia Arnold Ltd.
7. Olga Novokhatska, 'Notre Dame', 2018, Acrylic on canvas, 36 x 36cm, HKD 3200, Singulart.
8. Janet Parker Smith, 'Return the Trees', 2015, Screen print, 56 x 72cm, HKD 8000, VRG.



Does your heart beat faster to the rhythm of the city? Fall in love with our selection of urban art.

From left to right:
1. Ling Yang Chang, 'Old Town', 2018, Ink on rice paper, 70 x 69cm, HKD 34000, Artredot Pte Ltd.
2. Andy Burgess, 'Villa M2, Version 2', 2017, Painting with photography, Fabrik Projects.
3. Lee Min, 'H.C.'s May Sky', 2018, Acrylic on canvas, 162 x 72cm, HKD 99000, Gallery Godo.
4. Fournet, 'Paris Ile de la Cité', 2017, Photography, diasec and aluminium frame, 180 x 252cm, K+Y.
5. Carmen Ng, 'Outside Connection I', 2109, Watercolour on paper, 54 x 32cm, HKD 32000, Karin Weber Galler.
6. David R Elliott, 'Lotus Gardens', 2013, Photography archival pigment print, Edition of 30, 90 x 60cm, kubrick ArtPick.
7. Paul Kavanagh, 'American Thoroughbreds', Oil on canvas, 50 x 76 cm, Linda Blackstone Gallery.
8. Rainbow Tse, 'Forward', 2016, Watercolor, 35 x 56cm, HKD 15000, Rainzegallery.
9. Lars Tunebo, 'Tripping on Brooklyn Bridge', 2016, Photography, Edition of 25, HKD 23000, Ronen Art Gallery.
10. Martin Bofarull, 'Manhattan View', 2017, Mixed-media, 120 x 200cm, HKD 48000, SOTA.
11. Babatunde Ongunlade, 'Untitled', 2018, Acrylic on canvas, 80 x 120cm, HKD 35000, Yotei Art.
12. Eric Lai, 'Switch On Ceremony', 2018, Ink, 84 x 45.5cm, HKD 15000, ZoneAGallery.




For even more of a sneak preview of the Hong Kong fair, have a browse of our digital catalogue below.


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