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In unseren Highlights finden sie eine Auswahl vielfältiger und inspirierender zeitgenössischer Kunstwerke der Gattungen Malerei, Grafik, Fotografie und Skulptur.

Links nach rechts:
1. Sam Lock, 'Untitled', 2017, Mxed media on a bookcover, 30 x 24cm, €1100, Twelve | Twelve, Booth G10.
2. Dan Lam, 'Pink Lady', 2018, Polyurethane foam, resin, acrylic, 25.4 x 17.7 x 10.1cm, €1400, Contour Gallery, Booth F7.
3. Fabian Gatermann, 'Mood Poem', 2016, Light sculpture, 106 x 73cm, €7500, Cornelia Walter Galerie, Booth B2.
4. Maribel Mas, 'Zeitlinien Rot2', 2017, Photopolymer, diamond point on film on Kouzo paper, 63 x 57cm, €530, Brita Prinz Arte, Booth G8.
5. Simon Waßermann, 'Jugend', 2017, Drawing on wood, 40 x 63cm, €3400, Galerie Ruth Sachse , Booth C1.
6. Charlotte Thorup, 'Uneven Spaces', 2017, Clay and porcelain, 10 x 29 x 19cm, €, Galerie Rieck, Booth H1.
7. Bruno Ollé, 'Untitled', Mixed media, 152 x 114cm, €5900, Miquel Alzueta Gallery, Booth D1.
8. Alain Clement, 'Untitled', 2017, Aquatinta, 75 x 105cm, €1200, Editions Bucciali, Booth D2.
9. Hirofumi Fujiwara, 'Utopian (airgreen)', 2017, Plasti and glass, 122 x 35 x 20cm, €7300, Evelyn Drewes Galerie, Booth F8.
10. Eberhard Freudenreich, 'Aus der Serie Herr Maier mit ai', 2017, Linocut, 60 c 80cm, €1400, Galerie Holzhauer Hamburg, Booth E1.
11. Willi Siber, 'Tafelobjekte', 2018, Metal and chrome paint, 30 x 29cm, €3500, Galerie P13, Booth H9.
12. Gert Wiedmaier, 'Auf dem Übergang', 2017, Print, gouache, wax and paint on MDF board, 30,5 x 20,5cm, €950, Multiple Box, Booth B1.
13. Jantien Sturm, 'Die Blume', 2018, Drawing, 40 x 60cm, €960, Now is here, Booth C6.
14. Silvia Lerin, 'Iris I', 2016, Acrylic on canvas and wood, 196 x 93 x 4.5cm, €4225, One Church Street, Booth D3.
15. Matthias Heiderich, 'Untitled', 2015, Photography, 40 x 40cm, €500, Qlick Editions, Booth G7.
16. Isabel Alonso Vega, 'Smoke', 2017, Smoke and acrylic case, 40 x 50 x 25cm, €4900, Retrospect Galleries, Booth A5.


Die Emerging Artists Ausstellung zeigt vielversprechende Nachwuchskünstler aus Hamburg in der kuratierten Ausstellung 'Zeichensysteme'.

Links nach rechts:
1. Anneke Kleimann, 'Kartografie der Zeit', 2015 - 2017, Acrylic glass with digital printing, 24 pieces, each 125 x 150 x 0.5 cm, Installation dimensions variable. © Eric Tschernow
2. Anneke Kleimann, 'Observing Saturn', 2017, Tulip tree wood and gold lacquer, 28 pieces, each 49cm long with varying diameters, Installation dimensions variable.
3. Anneke Kleimann, 'Observing Saturn', 2017, Tulip tree wood and gold lacquer, 28 pieces, each 49cm long with varying diameters, Installation dimensions variable.
4. Anneke Kleimann, 'Mü', 2016, Polystyrene, lead, fiberglass laminate and gelcoat, 130 x 60 x 60cm.
5. Astrid Ehlers, 'Still better return', 2018, Lead set print, beech wood frame and nails, 84 x 65 x 5cm.
6. Astrid Ehlers, 'Keil', 2014, Drypoint etchings and wooden platform, 184 x 69 x 53cm.
7. Astrid Ehlers, 'A needle scratches the surface', 2017, Drypoint and lead type prints, beech wood strips, nails, Installation view.
8. Astrid Ehlers, 'A needle scratches the surface', 2017, Drypoint, 78 x 56cm.
9. Lars Hinrichs, 'ohne Titel (Strickliesel)', 2015, Watercolour, 77 x 57cm.
10. Lars Hinrichs, 2013, Watercolour, Installation view.
11. Lars Hinrichs, 'ohneTitel (Strohhalmring)', 2016, Watercolour, 56 x 38cm.
12. Lars Hinrichs, 'ohne Titel (Tulpe)', 2017, Watercolour, 77 x 57cm.

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