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Curated by La peau de l’ours (LPDO)

Affordable Art Fair Brussels, Young Talent 2018


Each year the Brussels edition of the Affordable Art Fair hosts Young Talents – an exhibition space dedicated to promoting emerging talents from the contemporary art scene.

For the tenth edition of the Fair, the organisers, Géraldine Hubot & Louise Malfait, have decided to give a new dimension to the Young Talents exhibition by entrusting La peau de l’ours with responsibility for organising and curating the selection.

The idea is not only to have young contemporary artists exhibiting their works during the Fair, but also to produce information in advance of the event that presents their work and explains their creative processes.  

The collaboration with each artist goes well beyond the event, since La peau de L’ours will follow the career and the development of each of them for a year. They will act as the artist’s sponsor – allowing the artists to benefit from the network formed by the community of La peau de l’ours and bring them into contact with various key players from the contemporary art world.

Curating the selection 

La peau de l’ours is proud to present to you a curatorial selection of 6 emerging talents whose work shows an ambition to make a sustainable contribution to the contemporary art landscape.

To make this curatorial selection, the team of La peau de l’ours visited many studios seeking young artists who possess both a solid mastery of their technique and an undeniable hunger and potential to grow.

Their choice is based on months of reflection, study and meetings that have allowed them to analyse and understand the career of each artist. The selection is intentionally multi-disciplinary and promotes young artists who, although they present various aesthetic approaches, all pose coherent questions with their work and produce consistently high quality pieces. 

Guest artist

Alongside our Young Talents, we have decided to invite an artist already presented by La peau de l’ours to create a work specially for the Affordable Art Fair.

Fabrice Hermans

The Dutch visual artist, Fabrice Hermans, who has already participated in our previous exhibits, has decided to exhibit the work “Politics of Health” – a limited edition of 50 pieces, which addresses the very serious topic of pharmaceutical dependency – a topic that is both personal and ironic. 

Proceeds from the sale of these works will go towards supporting the upcoming work of the artist. 

The group show

The full selection of work connects themes concerning urban architecture, the manipulation of the image and the force of language. The works will be positioned to bring them into a dialogue – a delicate balance that fluctuates between reflection and emotion.

Each week until the opening of the Fair, we will present to you the portrait and the work of the 6 artists to be exhibited. You will be able to learn more about the artist’s artistic project and the artist’s influences and inspirations!

Meet the artists

Alfred Janssens

A young Belgian artist, based in Brussels, Alfred Janssens is on a constantly developing photographic quest – much like the atypical path Alfed in this world. 
His images are stripped bare by a long process that leaves room for lots of discussion in deconstructing the image.  

Alfred Janssens profile Alfred Janssens
Cadine Navarro

The works of French-American artist, Cadine Navarro, are largely based on her own nomadic life story, as witnessed in her seminal piece, 55 Homes. This piece is a diary of the artist’s multiple relocations around the globe. Born in Japan, Cadine continues to draw inspiration from this country’s culture and aesthetics. You can see this throughout her work in the way she treats the subjects of nature, matter and time.

Cadine Navarro profile Cadine Navarro


Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas’s work explores the definition and distortion of space through sculptural painting. She uses structures and sharply contrasting colour to represent the spaces, shapes, and lines of geometry that she has captured in her own photographs of architecture in and around London.

Emily Thomas profile Emily Thomas


Ines Haym-Domange

Ines Haym-Domange displays her sculptural research through singular installations that play upon various associations, constructions and decompositions. Ines addresses the connection between the iconic character of her works and the spaces in which they are deployed. Like a composer, she assembles material and visual notes that articulate a soundscape of aesthetic and graphic textures.

Ines Haym-Domange profile Ines Haym-Domange


Olivia Descampe

Olivia Descampe is an artist of matter and intuition. Her work explores the various techniques of collage and decollage. The long research process surrounding her work, free of any narrative influence or desire, led her to concentrate on truly distinct elements, colours, textures and themes: Images of other times in which forgotten moments resound in the depths of each of us.

Olivia Descampe profile Olivia Descampe


Safia Hijos

Safia Hijos's work develops connections between the importance of memory, imprint and time – all within the context in which these subjects are recorded. Nonetheless, the complexity of her body of work is marked by significant lightness: Many of her subjects are handled with a humorous touch; creating a perfect connection between the ancestral, artisanal ceramic practice and the very topical subjects which are the subject for her work. 

Safia Hijos profile Safia Hijos


Main photo credit: Miles Fischler

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