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Young Talent exhibition at Affordable Art Fair Brussels 2018


For the third year in a row, Affordable Art Fair Brussels will be working with the expert team at La peau de l’ours. Founded by Thomas Gaye, their credible work is dedicated to helping art-lovers begin their collecting journey. This year, within a dedicated space at the fair, La peau de l’ours have invited four emerging artists to contribute towards the exhibition, titled “How it all began”, which will offer an alternative, fresh view on contemporary art for visitors to discover. By taking a multi-disciplinary approach the exhibition will explore the beginning of the creative process whether in progress or completed. The artists invited to participate are: Dorian Cohen, Olivia Descampe, Safia Hijos and Ania Zuber.


Dorian Cohen
Dorian Cohen (1987) is a young French painter who creates figurative and realistic paintings, exploring his interest in public spaces, urbanities, architectures and city gardens. Dorian represents these contemporary spaces through nostalgic, classical painting techniques applied on wood and leaves, and layered with varnishes and glazes. The images Dorian creates are the artists own urban fantasies, rather than being true to life, and his style – taking inspiration from masters like Cézanne – includes dawn and twilight colours that convert the urban landscapes into mystic scenes.

Dorian Cohen

Olivia Descampe
Olivia Descampe (1989) is an intuitive artist who focusses on manual processes which she explores through the art of collage and decollage. This fascination began in Berlin, when the artist discovered an old collection of post cards. Olivia began cutting, assembling, composing, gluing and thus creating a multitude of artworks, revitalising innumerable, long forgotten, images of the past. Guided by her instincts, Olivia works rapidly, and has created more than two thousand compositions in the space of just two years! Her research process to find the images she works with is not led by a desire for narrative, only by her focus on the neutral elements of colour, texture, and theme.

Olivia Descampe

Safia Hijos
Safia Hijos (1975) discovered sculpture in her adolescence and despite the academic style of her work at the time, which consisted more of reproducing Donatello-esque busts, her passion for the media was awoken. Safia’s work correlates the importance of memory, how memories are imprinted and times. While these subject matters are complex, Safia’s body of work is marked with a significant lightness. Many of her subjects are handled with a humorous touch, creating a connection between the ancestral and artisanal practice of sculpture and the subjects at the centre of her work.

Safia Hijos

Ania Zuber
Ania Zuber (1983) aims to provoke the viewer's reflection on reality and the misconceptions hidden in clichés deeply rooted in our society. She overlaps various media such as video, installation, photography, gilding and silkscreen to show the complexity of our perceptions and awareness. Her Graffiti de Luxe project is inspired by urban expression. Focusing on tags, scratches and graffiti which are often considered as devastation of a public space, Ania recreates images inspired by old walls, lifts or bar tables marked by these inscriptions. By silkscreen printing the resulting images on golden, silver or copper backgrounds, precious metals which are traditionally associated with wealth, Ania raises their esthetical and social value and status.

Ania Zuber

We’re delighted that La peau de l’ours has selected four, such interesting artists. Click here to buy your ticket and see their works in person, exhibited in the special “How it all began” project space, at the fair.


La peau de l’ours, is dedicated to helping art-lovers begin their collecting journey, so it is no surprise that in addition to their work with Emerging Artists, they also want to give new collectors a voice. So, the exciting “How it all began” will not only feature works by the above four Emerging Artists, the space will also be curated by five young collectors.

Read our latest blog in which La peau de l’ours interviews each of the young collectors to learn more about their collections and why they are so inspired by art.

The collaboration with each artist goes well beyond the event, as La peau de l’ours will follow and support their careers over the course of a year, acting as each artists sponsor. The rising stars will benefit from the La peau de l’ours arts network and connect them with key contacts within the contemporary art world.

This unique approach, merging the art collecting and curatorial processes, is sure to deliver a fascinating exhibition at the fair. Join us at Affordable Art Fair Brussels (20 – 22 March, Tour & Taxis) where you can see the emerging artist’s work close-up, within the collectors curatorial framework.

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