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At the fair we will launch our annual Young Belgian Talents contest, in partnership with Evi. Our six emerging finalists will be exhibiting their work at the fair, where Evi will select their final winner from among them to bestow the €1,000 prize on, as well as the opportunity to showcase their work at Evi.

Choi Hyesu, 26

She considers everyday objects as a reflection of every human being, with a history and life of their own. She uses the objects, places them together and removes their primary functions, covering the objects with matter, as if they were invisible, and in doing so creates her sculptures.

Choi Hyesu

Elise Peroi, 26

Elise is nurtured by literature and reflects on the wealth of nature. Every natural element is structured and bound, and is designed to function in pure harmony. Her work transcends disciplines and uses different techniques that serve as canvases to mount her designs on.

Elise Peroi

Kim Jeounhee, 32

We are in a daily dialogue with objects. A lot of things can happen in these relationships. Objects give us a place in the universe. Kim works with glass, because it is fragile and strong at the same time - transparent, visible, invisible, present and absent.

Kim Jeounhee

Muhiba Botan, 28

Muhiba attempts to find different genres through a series of (self)portraits. All her images revolve around perceptions of "Self in the West" - the aesthetic standards surrounding the theme and the way they are represented across different media.

Muhiba Botan

Nina Espouy, 25

Nina's work combines stillness and movement to demonstrate the place our bodies take in our surroundings and the place nature takes in our civilisation.

Nina Espouy

Werther Gasperini, 30

Werther's work, 'Ordres du jour', is divided into sections, each a reflection of a different social problem. Gasperini invites us to think about the horrors of history, and search for a new way of expressing these feelings.

Werther Gasperini

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