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From left to right:
1. DAM, 'Lost Tsawatenok', 2017, Painting on paper, 90 x 90cm, €2'800, Woman Contemporary Art, Stand C5.
2. Clemens Büntig, 'Cloud Buster', 2018, Aquatint, 30 x 20cm, €150, Clemens Büntig Editionen, Stand G5.
3. Jean-Henri Compère, 'Collection Manques', 2019, Stainless Steel, 100 x 100cm, €, Art ère 30 Gallery, Stand F8.
4. Sophie Burbaloff, 'Les yeux bleus', Pastel and stabilotone on paper, 50 x 50cm , €450, Galerie Sophie Le Mée, Stand G8.
5. Bernar Venet, 'Grib III', 2016, Etching, polymer gravure and carborundum on 410 gsm Somerset textured paper, 91.5 x 126cm, €, Winwood Gallery, Stand A4.
6. Sophie Burbaloff, 'Oxygène', Pastel and acrylic on paper, 86 x 86cm, Galerie Sophie Le Mée, Stand G8.
7. Frederik Buyckx, 'Horse Head #14', Photo printed on Fine Art Pearl Baryta (Satin) 285gsm Paper, different sizes, Nationale 8 gallery, Stand I7.
8. Phil van Duynen, 'Mix white draw ', 2019, Mix white draw, different sizes, €390 - 990,, Stand I5.
9. Valérie Betoulaud, 'L 'ombre', 2019, Ink and acrylic on canvas, 53 x 63cm, Galerie Isabelle Laverny, Stand I6.
10. Yusi Lin, 'Without Light', 2018, Ink and color on paper, 36 x 45cm, €2400, Kui Yuan Gallery, Stand G3.
11. Liu Dongyuo, 'Rock', Gallery G-77, Stand A9.
12. Axel Rockfish, 'Sirena al Mar ', Photography, 60 x 90cm, Loft 11 Gallery, Stand G0.


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