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Young Talent exhibition at Affordable Art Fair Brussels 2018


Art & Beyond.
An emerging artist group show
Curated by La peau de l’ours
Supported by Affordable Art Fair Brussels.

Introducing ‘Art & Beyond’ – an exhibition dedicated to an emerging artist group show.

For the second year in a row, Affordable Art Fair Brussels supports ‘La peau de l’ours‘ in a curatorial project. La peau de l’ours has identified artworks from Agathe Brahami-Ferron, Alice Nikolaeva, Benjamin Ottoz and Julie Susset – promising artists already acclaimed in Belgium and abroad.

Set in a brand new space, “Art & Beyond” invites you to explore and experience contemporary art’s eclectic aspects through the diverse materials and techniques of these four emerging artists.”



The selection process has seen the La peau de l’ours team visit many young artists studios, searching for those who possess both a solid mastery of their creative technique, and an undeniable hunger and potential to grow.

Their choice is based on months of meetings, study and reflection that has allowed them the privilege of understanding each artists inspiration and work. The final group of artists is intentionally multi-disciplinary to promote the many faceted nature of the emerging art scene, plus the group presents varying high-quality aesthetic approaches, and thematic questions on which their work is based.

The collaboration with each artist goes well beyond the event, as La peau de l’ours will follow and support their careers over the course of a year, acting as each artists sponsor. The rising stars will benefit from the La peau de l’ours arts network and connect them with key contacts within the contemporary art world.



The exhibition contains themes ranging from voyeuristic observation, sculptural drawing, nature and art history. The works will be positioned to bring them into a dialogue – a delicate balance that fluctuates between reflection and emotion.

Until the Brussels fair opens its doors (15 – 17 March) follow our Instagram channel where we will preview each of the artist’s work in turn. Until then, read on for a brief insight into the varying projects, influences and inspirations!



Julie Susset

Parks, tropical greenhouses and road-side trees are some of the many of the locations of constructed nature that are permitted and controlled by man. Painter, Julie Susset, takes inspiration from this impact and creates an inventive dialogue around the memories of nature.

Artwork by Julie Susset


Alice Nikolaeva

With steel and bright colors, Alice Nikolaeva, invites us into her reckless world. The young Russian artist, graduated from Beaux-Art de Paris, creates three dimensional drawings made of steel, inventing a series of autonomous spaces frozen by the rigidity of the steel.

Artwork by Alice Nikolaeva


Agathe Brahami-Ferron

At the beach, on the subway or in the street, Agathe Brahami-Ferron observes peoples carefully. She is looking for an odd state, the moment when we are lost in thought, disconnected from all that surrounds us. At this very moment we expose ourselves to eyes of others without any predisposition, acting or trick.

Artwork by Agathe Brahami-Ferron


Benjamin Ottoz

Using paper as his sculptural medium of choice, Benjamin Ottoz creates physical confrontations by crumpling and shaping his work. You can expect references to art history and in particular the history of painting, within his drapes, landscapes and trompe l’oeil.

Artwork by Benjamin Ottoz

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