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Barry Stedman
Barry Stedman
Meadow Flood Series I
H 17 cm x W 15 cm x D 12 cm, 2Kg
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United Kingdom
Original, Unframed
The inspiration
Much more than vessels, Barry Stedman's ceramics are three-dimensional paintings, except paintings that can be turned and viewed from many angles. The work does not need to function as a vessel, although it can do that too, of course!

The artist

Barry Stedman

Barry Stedman's ceramics are influenced by drawings made within certain places, exploring relationships between colour, texture and form, and motivated by surrounding light, atmosphere and colours. He chooses to work with strong, simple forms often in series, exploring a particular theme thrown up by a place, a drawing or a memory that has moved him in some way. The work always feels fresh, spontaneous and full of energy. Working with red earthenware clay, most of the work is either slab built or wheel thrown and altered, and then painted, scratched and marked with coloured slips, stains and oxides.

Works by Barry Stedman

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Red City series (10cm)


Blackfriars series (14cm)


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October series (15cm)


Red City series (13cm)


October series (18cm)


Blackfriars series (20cm)


Blue Calm series (16cm)


Red Field Series G


October series (12cm)


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