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Platform Projects Amserdam 2017

Platform Projects are our personal way of putting the spotlight on a selection of exciting and innovative artists that we have invited to exhibit at the fair. It is also our chance to have a bit of fun. Once the hall is filled with galleries and thousands of works of art, we wanted to compliment the fair experience by bringing in some special stand-out works and exciting installations, created by up-and-coming talent through to established artists. Each year following a call for entries, our selection committee reviews the applications, keeping an eye out for the best concepts and works – from this short list a small group of artists are invited to join us at the fair and install their unique works as one of our Platform Projects.

Please download our application below and send through to us at [email protected].

Platform Projects application (EN)
Platform Projects application (NL)

Read on for a look back at the amazing artists we featured in 2018.


Jenna RutanenJenna Rutanen

Finnish-born photographer Jenna Rutanen (Vesanto, 1987) first studied in London before relocating to complete her Masters in the Netherlands in 2015. Moving between different countries and feeling the sense of otherness has largely impacted her photographic work in which she is often searching for a connection with people and capturing the constantly changing surroundings. Jenna’s work is also influenced by Japanese aesthetics - especially the concept of Wabi-Sabi that is the acceptance of transience and imperfection. All her photographs go against the prevailing idea of photographic perfection in digital age. In her experimental photography she has taken this idea even further by using different chemicals to manipulate and destroy film negatives.

Jenna Rutanen's studio and kit   Metamorphosis by Jenna Rutanen


DH MackDH Mack

DH Mack’s figurative paintings are based on a contemporary narrative inspired by renaissance styles and techniques. Through her large-scale canvases, with layers of cotton covered with thinly applied oil paints in calm, balanced, pastel-like colour schemes, Mack drives the narrative of her work with a careful homage to the old masters with a modern social perspective. Imagine the biblical and mythological narratives of the Italian masters, the simplicity in form and colour of the Japanese masters, the social commentary of Goya, and the solitary feelings emanated by Edward Hopper. All of this mastery comes together seamlessly in Mack’s work, in which she searches for the soul of modern man, his relation to the people around him and his moment to moment battle with space and perception, vision and placement, survival and in some cases death.

DH Mack in the studio   Get in Line by DH Mack


Evelien LintermanEvelien Linterman

My ideas often originate abroad – where I am influenced by the different landscapes, architecture and colours. Even closer to home, in my garden and along the Amstel River I can be found with my sketchbook. My favourite thing is to be outdoors drawing. In my studio I work from my sketches and photographs – or with bunches of fresh flowers. Usually I’m listening to music while painting, in a semi-sort of creative trance in which all my thoughts disappear into the background and I can work from my intuition, truly in the flow! Something develops from deep within me that I wouldn’t have been able to conceptualise before I started, creating unexpected colours and shapes – all of which make me happy! My images develop through the combination of abstract and figurative elements.

Evelien Linterman's studio   Crop of artwork by Evelien Linterman


Yann SciberrasYann Sciberras

Inspired by punk and rock culture, Yann Sciberras’ work is cutting, offbeat and decidedly urban. Ecological, political, a form of social protest and a kick in the neck of the consumer society, his art is a stream of signs, images, words and warnings. Sciberras stands out not as a moralist but as a witness of contemporary society. He uses his practice as communication tools creating drawings with vivid colours and words as slogans and forms of urban poetry, often communicating through live performances.

In 2012, the French TV channel TF1 asked Yann Sciberras to sum up the news of the year on a canvas within a five hour performance. The report, entitled « Retrospective en Peinture », was broadcast on December the 31st on the TV News at 8.00 pm. The painting (2 x 2 meters) now hangs in the TF1 editorial office. Guest of honour at HUGO BOSS, the artist also painted live during the VOGUE FASHION NIGHT OUT in 2012.

Yann Sciberras' studio   Keep Connected by Yann Sciberras


Miranda TimmermansMiranda Timmermans

Miranda says she never quite understood why an artist’s biography should be interesting. People seem to like to know about the artist and what / how they make things. In her work there is s clear path between cause and effect and definitely her life experiences, challenges and discoveries. She is now where she is with her art, her creations and a never-ending and unstoppable stream of need to create. Her work is her great passion, and her last series entitled’’Wonder, An Infinite together’’ in which she tries to take herself and the observer along to a world that despite strange encounters, apparitions and diversity is at harmony –a story that is told without revealing all, a rendez-vous which stimulates the imagination. Her passion for painting, drawing, creating –has been with her since she was a small child. School was almost wasted on her because daydreaming was so much nicer. Miranda says that everyone, no matter what your age, should also be true to themselves and learn the art of listening to your inner voice.

Miranda Timmermans' studio   Artwork by Miranda Timmermans


Rep RingelRep Ringel

Dutch Artist Rep comes from an artistic family –with a mother who is a designer and a poet father. In his early years he could be found in the record shops looking for great original music that he would play pretending to be a DJ. He loves having people dance and have a great time.

He realized his boyhood dream and became a DJ however after several years of this he changed career paths to graphic design, starting his own design company. Rep says ‘’it’s great to work for beautiful companies and brands. A lot of my client’s are from the fashion and cosmetic industry. I am very pleased to be able to do this’’.

Living a life influenced by music, fashion and design has brought him a lot of inspiration. Creativity to make new things. As Rep says, ‘’That’s why Istarted painting. I’am painting large abstract, raw, unpolished images, driven by music which is natural for me. Earthtones and a touch of metallics are mostly the ingredients to express my feelings on the canvas. The paintings I name after my inspirations.’’

These paintings which I make are then digitised and “remixed” into new artworks. These limited edition remixes are printed on the highest quality photoprint and sealed behind plexiglass finished with a black frame.

A work in progress by Rep Ringel   Artwork by Rep Ringel


Annemiek WullinkAnnemiek Wullink

In her work, Annemiek is inspired by historical and mythical female archetypes. She makes links between the emotions underlying these ancient archetypes and wants to appeal to people throughtheir deep-rooted connection with these role models. She has a coaching practice HOUSEOFSADEH where these themes are also discussed extensively.

Ancient civilizations and paradise are an inexhaustible breeding ground for her imagination. Her longing for the past also causes the melancholic undertone in her work. Morocco and North Africa are also a fascination. Folklore Berber culture with naive typography and tattoos are also often reflected in her work. Her background as an accessory designer is also alluded to in her paintings.

Annemiek Wullink's studio   Annemiek Wullink


Nike RijsterborghNike Rijsterborgh

During her time at the Vrije School, Nike was introduced to the black pen as a sketching tool. She used it during geometry lessons to sketch complex geometrical shapes. This is where her love for rhythm and pattern originated.

At the Amsterdam University of the Arts, Nike focused on different printing techniques, always searching for patterns. After finishing her studies she rediscovered the black pen and began to develop her animal series with the image of a single zebra. The aim was to make the animal grow out of its background as naturally as possible. She was pleased to find that this resulted in an exciting rhythmic image. She has eagerly continued to apply this same principle and process to other animals.

The images you see were made with pen on paper. As well as this work Nike makes commissioned illustrations, in which she combines drawings with poems and other texts.

Nike Rijsterborgh's studio   Artworks by Nike Rijsterborgh


Vermeulen en DubbeldamVermeulen en Dubbeldam

One can only experience nature within the city if they really look, listen, smell and feel. Sound, construction, and pollution cause too much distraction. Art can help you be more aware and experience your environment in a new way. Artist duo Vermeulen and Dubbeldam have been working together for 5 years – their strength is translating their two-dimensional work into three dimensions. Installations in which they use discarded objects, light projection, sound, movement, water, and reflection. The space of the installation, the changes in weather, and changes in light each have their own influence on the works of art – all of which are called ‘PS’, referencing the plastic soup in our oceans.

For the Platform Projects they have created ‘PS 9 BLUB’ – their 9th project. It is created from plastic trash which has been heated until it resembles ice, glass or lace. A blub is an organic shape which seems to grow. It encompasses fluid movement which is constantly changing colors, like an organism reacting to its environment. It reacts to visitors with movement sensors.

Vermeulen en Dubbeldam's studio   Artwork by Vermeulen en Dubbeldam


Daniele ScausoDaniele Scauso

Daniele is an Italian artist living and working between Amsterdam and Rome. Through his sculptures and metal installations, Daniele engages audiences on issues at the core of his research and interest : social inclusion and urban development. He gives special attention to shapes in natural and urban contexts.

Alongside his work as an artist, Daniele curates exhibitions and organizes artist-led initiatives for the promotion of Arts and Craftsmanship in urban contexts. Daniele Scauso is part of the Metaal Atelier Meister, a collective of metal artists and craftsmen active in Amsterdam Oud-West.

Daniele with 'Moons'    

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