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Browse a range of artworks from our 2017 Amsterdam fair 

Mixed media


From contemporary collage and fabric fusions to innovative 3D printing, we have plenty of pieces for you to browse. Here is a selection of works by artists who are exhibiting at the fair.




Picking up an expressive print or a detailed drawing is an excellent way to start your journey into art purchasing. Have a look at the beautiful and sophisticated techniques used in these pieces.

From left to right:
1. Wolff Buchholz, 'Freunde', Etching, 1980, ars, - tis, f.
2. Um Mi Keum, 'Turn Out As One Wishes II', Screen printing, 2016, Lucir.
3. Alfred Göckel, 'Artemis', Etching, Artmatters presents Alfred Gockel.
4. MM Niespodziewana, 'Faun', Aquatint and linocut, 2002, Galeria M.
5. Reiko Tsunashima, 'A Grain Of Light', Sumi ink on paper, 2015, KITAI.
6. Wei Ping, 'Stop Thinking', Screen printing, Galerie Kunstbroeders.
7. Teresa Riba, 'A La Seva Manera', Charcoal on paper, 2016, Anquin's Gallery.
8. Gijs Frieling, 'Zonder Titel', Lithograph, 1998, SBK Kunstuitleen en Galerie.




Traditional? Boring? Paintings range from classical to abstract, representational to satirical. Not to mention all the different types of techniques from gouache to oil that can be discovered in paintings at the fair.

From left to right:
1. Joachim van der Vlugt, 'The Event III', Oil on wood, Sille Galerie & Kunstuitleen.
2. Marten Randa, ‘Different part of the soul’, Acrylic on canvas, 2013, Galerie Marten Randa.
3. Edyta Grzyb, 'Flowing Thoughts', Acrylic on canvas, All You Can Art.
4. Marcel Witte, ‘Burning Desire', Acrylic on linen, 2017, Galerie de Vreugd en Hendriks.
5. Eva de Visser, 'Crossing a Line', Oil on canvas, 2017, Galerie Terbeek.
6. Matthias Hintzen, 'Cherry Tomatoes', Oil on canvas, 2017, Ronen Art Gallery.
7. Jan Hein Arens, 'Flowers', Acrylic and ink on canvas, Carré d'artistes.
8. Petra Rös-Nickel, 'Untitled', Oil on canvas, 2017, Galerie ART & LEF.




This wonderfully diverse category includes so much variety – from landscapes, to abstracts plays of light, to photojournalism. Check out this stunning collection of photographs, all taken by artists on show at this year's fair.

From left to right:
1. Mariella Erkens, 'Seal in Rotterdam', 2017, Gallery B.
2. John Costa, 'Jacaranda Tree', Photo on plexiglass and dibond, 2016, Palma Arte Galleries.
3. Yannick Cormier, 'Manalmagudi Theatre Land, Kovilpatti', 2015, Eyemage Gallery.
4. Rankin, 'Heidi Chocolate Eyes Open', 2009, Kunsthuis Amsterdam.
5. Matt Henry, 'The Trip #14', Archival pigment print, 2015, ARTITLEDcontemporary.
6. Mischa Keijser, 'Maro #03', 2016, Sandvoort Gallery.
7. Andrey Kezzyn, 'Salome', Face mounted acrylic print, 2016, Kiss My Art and Design.
8. Tsugumi Tanaka, 'Children Of The Wind', 2015, Systema Gallery.




If you’re looking for something even more tangible, you’re sure to love our selection of sculptural pieces. Join us to discover new, strange and beautiful forms.

From left to right:
1. Eliza Kopec, 'Big Bang V', Paper, 2015, Galerie NUMMER40.
2. Rachel Ann Stevenson, 'Nocturnal Devotion', Cold cast polystone, 2015, De KunstSalon.
3. San Sia, 'Des Pattes Rouges', Bronze, Denieuwegalerie.
4. Peter Bastiaanssen, 'Untitled (Borderliner 2)', Wood, Galerie Untitled.
5. Nicolas Desbons, 'Back Lace, blue', Metal, Galearte.
6. Julian Ceron, 'Insect', Iron wire, etcART.
7. Gert Bullee, 'Kei', Glass, 2014, Noordermeer Kunst.
8. Hans Jouta, 'Boomklever', 2016, Bronze, GrachtenGalerie.

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