Zandra Stratford

United Kingdom

Zandra Stratford is an abstract artist who enjoys the crunch and grit of urban spaces. Preferring large canvases and panoramic birch panels, her work stands as an exploration of the material of cities. As Stratford travels, she collects references that speak to that accumulation of layers such as flyers and graffiti painted over and showing through. Stratford briefly studied printmaking at the Victoria College of Art, after more than a decade’s experience as an advertising Art Director. In her work, she explores rust, concrete and all the structures which support human stories and, in a way, end up telling them. She is known for bold, urban geometric abstracts and integration of found elements. As a modernist, she juxtaposes pastel colours and old found collage materials, creating pieces that are aged yet contemporary. Her piece ‘Gorgeous Filth #01’ (2017) was selected for the prestigious Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London, the only Canadian to be selected for that show’s 249th year. Following this, her proposal for a 40ft installation was 1 of 5 finalists for consideration by the Victoria International Airport. Stratford currently lives and works on a big island on the west coast of Canada.

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Artwork by Zandra Stratford