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Zahra Ghyasi



Zahra Ghyasi was born in Iran in 1981. She graduated with a BA in computer engineering and a MA in Executive Management from the Iran University of Science and Technology.
In 1996 she started her painting studies: she took a 10 years Painting course at the Mehr Academy, Contemporary art courses at the Mahemehr institute, and Art history courses at the Arya institute.

Zahra's works' main theme is violence. The aim of her art is to investigate the very phenomenon of violence, in terms of its culture, history, architecture and relationships. Her view is neutral, in an attempt to neither glorify or condemn violence, but to find a way to understand the concept of Evil which she believe is omnipresent and is usually ignored in our culture.

Since 2014, Zahra has had solo and group exhibitions all across Iran and in Germany and the UK.

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