Yuki Matsueda

United Kingdom

Yuki Matsueda is known for his unique three-dimensional pop-out sculptures that are amusing and thought-provoking. He was born in 1980, in Ibaraki, Japan and received his Ph.D. in Design from the Tokyo University of Arts in 2010. As a child, Matsueda spent his days at the printing factory, where his parents ran a small printing business. This was the stimulus of the artist’s creative world, and later he integrated his interest for three-dimensional objects to create a trompe l’oeil sculptural print with objects stretching through the acrylic surface.  Through his art of liberating ordinary objects from boredom, and integrating witty humor in it, Matsueda hopes to break the barrier between fine art and design. His soup can series is a re-appropriation of Andy Warhol’s well-known Campbell Soup prints, which represent mass production in a consumerist society. The aluminum can pops out leaving only the label on the print. The lid is left slightly open, to suggest to the viewer that there is an incredible source of energy inside the can.  Matsueda has received several prizes, including the 2009 Nippon Paint Design Center Award. His works have been exhibited internationally in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Berlin, Seoul, and Los Angeles.

Galleries Showing Yuki Matsueda’s Work

Artwork by Yuki Matsueda