Yossi Ben Abu

United Kingdom

Yossi Ben Abu’s background in architecture and design is immediately evident in his innovative and poetic work. By using everyday materials and elevating them, his geometrical elements: squares, pyramids, and boxes become somewhat hypnotic and yet strangely organic. Although he admits, math was never his strong suit in school, his fascination with shapes, patterns, geometry, and structure found an outlet in his perfect geometrical figures. By striving for precision and balance, his works express a mathematical beauty of art not often seen in creative spheres. Ben Abu comments: “My art breaks the mathematical beauty that exists in perfectly balanced geometrical shapes in order to illustrate feelings I cannot otherwise express. Many of my works explore the use of monochromatic combinations and the effects of light, time of day, and shadows on the way it is perceived by the viewer.” The San Francisco based artist explores new techniques and a new vision for art. In recent years, he has worked primarily in paper – a simple, clean, everyday material. He transforms the medium into patters that can be simultaneously precise and abstract. 

Galleries Showing Yossi Ben Abu’s Work

Artwork by Yossi Ben Abu